December 2, 2016


It is a mistake to call South Sudan a failed state because it is developing with a conflicting news.

Civil war

Civil war is created to disestablish people in a society upgrading and degrading either of them.


There are two tribes in Sudan, Bantu(western Sudan) and Nilotic in the rest of the regions. The meaning of Bantu and Nilotic about to come convoluted because Bantu in the 19th centuries became coloured people and are believed to have come from mixed races so has nilotic for same reason(excluding the writer). The evidence are clear and factual not findings because of parents and relatives.


Sudan had never had a leader from the very beginning because all they had are group working individual-depending on other views and so comes to failure of our nations. Dr. Garang was and is the only known leader of Sudan being South, Sudan, Darfur and Halayat. It has problems because of its size and people involve making development difficult and dreading effort.


Sudan is at countering position hence it becomes safe to isolate yourself at your own region and just build your state therefore, the countries/states.


Sudan is a capitalist state because of this, their are people extremely rich and poor at same time. Capitalist do not rely on people because they develop a system using people to extend power. Dead is a norm to a capitalist and so come the state so worrying all over.


Sudan tried improvements on her image and system through signing agreements and trying few projects but they really did not take off till now. Surviving contracts had really taken time and had consumed much more than they had put into use.