Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017


Lives that do not grow or decease without fusing with an opposite. Egg singularly contain human designs of shapes that is signal of eternity. Weight and energy ig- nite emotion portraying original design of reality equiped with God’s world as- signment and promised to the world. Increment in energy and weight matures an egg to a biome as a result of fusion naturally or evolution of soul.


Life is given eternity to each and everyone and enhance in relationship. Life has a rebirth of every single one of them for eternity or evolution of every one of them. We are given enough family in our relationship however, we fall short in evolving and preventing its termination.


Biome eggs are storable. If biome evolves, keeping current biome eggs will tell us who we were after every century.
Eggs exit their living shell because of change in body temperature and biological extremism.


Our body system and ecology affects our natural body system.


Extreme exposer to dangerous problems can cause dead or lost of eggs.


Brain has plenty none functional granules that does not affect our memory sys- tem. All this cells/eggs are probably removable and it could enhance memory functions.


Humanity at the beginning was taught to exist for eternity until the first history of man and woman reunion resulting into a child. Now, we understand the origins of rebirths and extend our knowledge of ourselves, there is need for emulation to formulate and understand abiotic in real world of ours today.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

Resistance to lost of energy. Cooler temperature has more hair because body needs more energy in cold temperature to speed metabolism. Warm temperature has more energy hence, there is no dependent on hair to defend body from lost of energy because it is abundance and also because frequency of toxic material secretion from our body increase. Toxic materials kills cells which weakens skins, hair roots and expand pours to.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

All Biome and Abiotic compete at least for a resource they both shared and have use for it, but there are competition we should avoid-competition that looses lives and creates situation not solvable. In another word only solvable through the 1% of the global people or the supper people these causes imbalance and create problems that will emulate or evolve itself.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

Waves, flows, echo, duplex, music and singing are designed standards to know sound. In reality sound is creation of us. We hear reflection of our creation e.g. tears, heart attacks, muscle arthritis, opens of our world. When a part of our body receive foreign object, experience excessive reaction and lack which creates holes produces sounds. When we become extremely hungry, our body produces sounds and so is when we are full. Enough is either the becoming to slow or increment either side yields sound. Sound cannot stop sound because they are both particles or unit of objects aggressively facing each other and also sound with no sound does not stop us from getting sound.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

The world of religion is guided by commandments or rules that naturally governs it. Abinu has three natural law protecting anything inside from anyone invading it. There are three natural storage levels i.e. bottom extremely large, neck smallest and neck small. Naturally, seeds are kept inside all of them. Problems start from opening, once you open Abinu, seeds will definitely fall on flow, secondly, you loose your natural ability to concentrate and either break the entire Abinu or neck leading to all seeds dangling on the flow. The real rules are who should touch Abinu; when shall he/she allowed to touch; and why they should touch it-Leader of the farm of the season, showing time and farming season. It is also discussed by family members to see who, where, and how much at a season. This is because leaders grow old and become independent, change place or accidents happens leading to lost of them or another person rise to a leadership role of the season. There are sanctions against people who are now passed natural rule i.e. when mistake happened. One, death, two curse, three, ban or abandon from community or family activity for their entire life, generation or relation. Abinu is not and shall not be hidden but govern by its natural rules.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

Supper government have arrived and they are doing extraordinarily. Pacific, Deirab, Africa and Europe are leading the way. Atlantic and Siberia have fallen short and won't be catching up a soon. Such a heart feeling. Interestingly, we have passed other bounderries and have come out as a whole successfully but miserable have to do heart work. Time is at hand. Now is the time, so we must continue with our work not forgetting competition shall never end.

Lokang Jackson January 7, 2017

For a call for your attention for your men and women to fend off your territory and watch after them and see into it they defend their people at all cause. There shall be battles at has already began. Protect everyone and give dotched their noise where it dent for history for our ancestry.

Lokang Jackson January 7, 2017

We had been at it and here we are again. The time for words has passed the time for new beginning the a more formidable world with which you and me are either human or freaks of opposite sites. Take no side but do remain with you alliance where you feel safe and at your strongest. For the strong say less but mouthful does so shall we had to point men shall be call men are the weak shall say. Enemies the battle line is drawn speak no more until then see you!

Lokang Jackson December 27, 2016


The world rotates from east to west and at our east is the Ocean. It leaves us vulnerable on the land in East Africa. Antarctica is closer to East Africa, hence extreme heat in Antarctica means Tsunami in East Africa and more rain in the ocean means flood in East Africa.


East Africans might need to pay more attention to lakes joining rivers and rivers joining streams and creaks. This will cause floods and swamps inside Africa that could devastated


If there is a thing to remember about flakes, it is historically in the ancient of East Africa. Flags did happen in East Africa and wiped out plants and our jungles. When our plants our gone so are many things including jungles and the habitats.


An art to war, overcoming, and reclamation of people and territory.

Border disputes

There are two strategic positions in East Africa that will hinder our development and peace e.g. Egypt and Aliam Islands. This lands are not occupied by either Bantu or Nilotic but by foreigners. They will want to joint it to their home of origins and that will be the spark of war and East Africa destabilisation.

Continental wars

From border disputes we will have responds from the neighbouring continents. Arabia had been the trying for the last few decades but we managed to deflect them. Next could be Deism and Asia trying their fortunes.

Lokang Jackson December 27, 2016

United nations is flooding East Africa with foreign elite they call peace keepers. The peace keepers comes in with high precedence compared to East Africans. Right now, there are about 50,000 to a 1,000,000 foreign elites in East Africa namely China, India, Chille, Mexico etc. All the countries mentioned above are low rank in terms of world order and contribution to world affairs-phew that gives me the goose bump that they have their own children dis- persed around Africa well equip to tear us down. For any president, local leader, civil ser- vant who cares about the future of East Africa, why don’t take a stroll into UN head quarter to interrogate the peace keepers to know where each one of them are from. That also im- plies every peace keeper in East Africa must have a clear and clean data stored before en- tering East Africa for the populace to know. China and India are over populated and the su- per wealthy are looking for an empty ground to hide their children and Un is the company they operate their business. In a way, the wealthy family donate half or so their wealth to UN then have their children use their will to build supper homes where the people are weak. That kind of a plan is a total take over our territory. The evidence are true in Mexico and probably Argentina in central and South America. Mexican were the poorest people and they were block from entry into USA at same time, USA brings in their companies into Mexico and higher their generations from USA and the immigrants from Asia. Now, both Mexicans and Argentina are proud of their country and says it has all they wanted but who are the Mexicans speaking now. These are what is going to happen in East Africa in less than fifty years from now. All the wars and hatred inside East Africa is to build and transfer their power