September 24, 2016

all things that comes to mind has security word attached to it e.g. food security, water security, money security, people security, animal security, education security, relationship security etc. Security does not come simply as it sound e.g. food security seems not real, but imagine you are in Juba now then that makes it even more important to you than anyone of them. For us to be secure we must feel safe, but from who? It could also mean when you are secured then they don't feel safe. If you have a UN arm forces guiding your population, the leaders e.g. local government try to make an agreement with them that the land they are on is proposed be used by local for farming, constructing school, hospital etc. You-the local governments have already managed to bring down the bad security and people are safe and we can manage our people from here. After that work on the agreement and make sure the population is safe not just on paper, but socially they-the people are too.

During war: During war both side make sure they kill as many as they could kill to reduce strength base on number and work their hardest to shut down supply routs, resources etc. There are at least two sides of enemies with strength understanding of each other. The points they make are contrary to each other and there is in most cases no direct links, but in other cases there wild agenda still differs.

After War: Wars are both accidental and planed. When war is fought, permanent enemy is created for generations to come. War in simple term is lazy way to solve and solvable problems e.g. Land issues rules, technology, understanding, reducing wasteful developments etc; distance between death and life-no war no unnecessary deaths; Show of strength; Resistance to retain; and prove of capability. In war, one side looses and the other gains, but reversible with time. War affects and does not heal simply, but keep a growing pains, anger, agony etc for generation because of memory of lives lost, properties, developments in comparison to opponents ect, but it is an optimism generator on the other side.

Peace: Peace is a natural thing because people who are peaceful are originally that way and warmongers are always originally that way. When both becomes achievement and celebrated that is when either side start getting sceptical of it. There is also another way to look at it, when warmongers are celebrating winning wars, then the peaceful will remember their lost at war that make both sides regain. We can get back to war when either the warmongers feels threaten or stronger. When the peaceful forget about war and concentrate on peace only that will make the warmonger gain. In short, it is always good to alternate and measure what has the enemy that way we can balance things and keep the world as it is.

Things to remember

  • After war there is no forgiveness
  • War does not differ base on race or location
  • If we have competition, we always will have no wars