August 26, 2016

Quite people normally have such strong wording meaning more consonants than vowels. Loud people depends on ascents i.e they want to sound but hide their meaning while its the opposite on the other side. Talking about the Africans big two tribes - the Bantu and Nilotic in general, The bantu used consonants often than the Nilotic and trust me, when they Nilotic speak, you can hear it as far as 5km away. Both Bantu and Nilotic are highlands and lowlands and are both not based on few tribes inside each of them. Having say that, other Bantu tribes pronounce and behave more like Nilotic and so are the Nilotic to Bantu. Below are some words:-

Word Bantu Nilotic
be Mbe Ber
oto otto otoo
dong Ndong dong
bote Mbote bote

Words used in the example above do not take in meanings