August 27, 2016

Is an alternative to noun. Pronounce in other word a adjective of nouns in general. Grouping things as a single entity and calling them one name. One people are in a group, it is difficult to know all of them by their names in this case they are categorised in groups of gender e.g. she/he and number e.g. they, them, it, us, That, these, those, this, all.

Pronounce Luo singular(Aciel)
Luo Plural(Ma dwong)
she Anyaka Anyira
he Awobi Awobe
they Gin(Under development) gin duc
them Jo(Under development) Ji
it gini

Us wan
That ca ni cage ni
these ego ni ego gi
those cage ni
this eni ene ni
All Weng

NOTE: Under development