July 24, 2016

Once upon a time, there was a man called Lwa. He was such an adventurer man and so creative. He lived in a mountain leaving his family behind him everyday sometimes for weeks. The people, his children, and friends knows him for that. In the mountain was clean and drinkable water. He used it for cooking, drinking, shower, and fishing. Below the river was so hot that the rocks melt and there he used to collect his building materials to support hist structure. He does not need any special material because the mountain is safe, but he need to make sure that it stands and nothing drops on him. He has two doors, one facing East and the other facing West. His mountain though is from North to South. Whenever he wants a break in the morning, he goes to his Eastern door because their is the sun and fresh air and in the evening in the Western door because of similar with a difference reasons. He hunt for meet, fish, birds and honey for food and would always brink some home for his children. When he get closer to his home, he would hide all his hunting in the near by bush and come home empty handed. His family got used to it. So, whenever he came home empty handed his family would ask him, "Did you Wire?" His wife or elder daughters would give him water, drink whatever his there for him to have. When he felt rested, the he tells them go there - point by tree, bush, or always leave a sign for his family to know where he hit his hunts. There was a day when he decided, he wanted to send his hunt home without him going too and that day he had a lot to offer his family. He looked at his arrows(lambiri and layuru) then he decided what if he could make one that bigger where he put his hunts in then send to his family. Then after there keep doing that and some day take his family see his newly built home. He did not end there, he went on thinking about how bicycle are faster than human yet human energy drives it. He also thought about what a waste in the gym if those machines could be connected to power source and generate some power. You loose weight and gain power energy.