November 19, 2016

LRAOn 05/09/2017, We are going to launch our fist Lwuor regional project. This project shall be solely run under lwuor as a reply to request to transport, correlation to compete, knock off poverty, and fuel economy of liquadi. On interesting thing about the project is, it will be the first done. All airports I personally know are built on flat land or at least hill but, we are going to built ours on a valley. The idea is, Earth withstand

correlating design

pressure at its base and easily weaken at its peak hence LRA. It will be a colabration of Luo experts and friends and alliance across the globe to finance, construct, supply and engineer. Before we come to this agreement, we undertook ecology as the first priority and social cohesion central to it. The project is a liquadi project hence it solves the problems of Liquadi however, the regions can borrow, help, secure and befriend during the process.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: The first project we deployed when successfully.