September 8, 2016

Losts is when your all belongs in the hand of another defined as superior at such time. Lost accumulate anger, agony, hate, and wants for retaliation. I can tell you my entire life has been lost I have never won I will not personally want to win anything, but I always regain, manoeuvre, suffer extreme pain of it. Recovery is always to see you do what makes your superior happy and making them lead the battle for you. When enmity becomes part of it, that becomes a play field of defeats because then you now have competition of which we have gotten good at over our life time. Just imagine you are born a looser and everyone you know suffer from it. The good part of it is, you only have gains and defeats smelling on your smoke screens. To me personally, when I lost, I jubilate because you have now shown me your stronger side. When you win I jubilate because you now have what you wanted. When you win and becomes happy I get angry because you are about to realise some reality that is going to hart you for the rest of your life. We have survived and survivable conditions meaning anything thrown at us that was meant to break us made us supper strong and we just gained from them and kept on knocking. Whatever happens now, had already happened to me personally over a lifespan of three decades. You could be double or three times that but the truth remains, we have seen them all come by and pass by.