Luo language

July 1, 2016

Most if not all languages in the world are tonal that just means one word spelled same with lots of meanings in their pronunciation, interpretations, and spellings e.g. mega means ownership in Luo but it means quantity in other languages including English. Luo 2.0 will bring to life Jwuor, awuor, and lwuor languages. These three languages have works done about them in wide area and in more detail. They are not just translated and interpreted, but they also means reality in real world. Language is not just what we speak but also what we do e.g. body language, sign posts, symbols etc. Our creativity can can bring in changes that confuse; introduce new things into our languages; formulate; transform etc things we know and don't know. Linguistic people find it easy to settle, migrate, work, and be friend others.