July 16, 2016

What makes difference between us with birds, animals, fish, wild animals, insects? We communicate to each other in many ways. In most cases, we understand what the other means especially when we know their language. Without languages, we still have same objects, signs, body languages that represents our understanding, knowledge, and make us work, do things and be one. We have limits though because distances of us from one person to another breaks circle of communication. We tried many ways to enhance those, and work on to improve them. Some Luo so many ways, whistling, Kuto Cing etc. Most preferred and used ones from then today are known as Bul and Oliko/Bila. There is what we call cwak. That is the difference of signature of one to the other. Through that, the people know who is who and what is happening in case their is a danger, or someone is lost out of a group. What happen when Oyio Iwinya?