July 9, 2016

First of all there are so many diseases that are categorically known village wise. Physical harms e.g. wounds, cuts, brushes, breaking etc; pains e.g. head aches, eye ache, ear aches etc, and Psychological sicknesses.

Physical harm: When our body is wide open and we see inside it it worries us and tends often time make us not able to perform duties. Wounds to be covered because of many reasons e.g. external infliction, reinfection etc. Many people a time use rabbit hair, cotton wool etc. This solutions are more dangerous than having the wound itself because it need get remove and removing it causes more harm. It also make the affected person imagine situations like what if wound dries but there remain hair, piece of cotton. Most people however, use materials like Opobo((luo name)Jel), and green peas. Opobo has a slippery liquid inside it. This liquid is extracted and smeared on wound while wet. It dries on the wound and often don't come off till the wound it heal then it falls off. Causing no harm, preventing flies from landing on causing another issue, prevent sharp object like grass and woods from scratching wounds. It is no also affected by water during share and rain if used properly.

Pains: Pains are logically caused by thinking, body effects e.g. on tissues, lack of things e.g. water etc. For this reasons there we need things that can effect us beyond them. Bitter, soar, hot things wherefore, help us stimulate our body system reactivating our immune system. Imagine a situation where you lost appetite in eating. Appetite is a work of our tongue hence we need something that will make it active which will trigger our brain to think that side. Most time people just use pepper. Things that smell good also activates our appetite.

Psychological: Fear, anguish, lack of, prevention from, absenteeism, carelessness are major causes of psychological problems. Boosting confidence and putting in experience to things that creates realisation makes us thinks different, creates calm etc. Guidance, rules etc can also help our psychology if practiced properly and followed considerably.

Omar water(the Thinking): As they saying goes, water is necessity to life. To even situation of high accountabilities to change situations from thirst and hanger of fluid to presiding to well water. It is a dreading problems to society who do have this kind of problems but it is a strong decision of the public to choose well water system to break locks and avoid collision with animals and other biomes. Through that kind of actions, we manoeuvre bad causes and brought in a main solution e.g. catching rain water, building roads and drainages and encouraging use of good sanitary system to promote positive climate change. We all do this to save future of our colonies and build our next world because it is fair and none threatening to all parties involved and because everyone is involved, it becomes familiar problems of high understanding.