November 17, 2016

Based on our few posts, we had introduced weight and tried to convince you that it is central to our Innovation, Ancientization, civilisation, Socialisation, technical know how and performance of everything we know today. On the other hand, the old folks called theorists had introduced and full us throughout their lifetime and continue to penetrate it into our time. Now, we have magnets and fields which holds objects based on their strength and at any gravitational force. I have therefore by my own natural and fact findings denounced gravitation and reintroduced Location.


  1. Attach a less weight object at any location then put a magnet anywhere close to it it falls.
  2. put an object at any location e.g. girdle it will go down.
  3. put an object down and build a magnet that hold equal weight or more it looses gravitational force and not location dependent.
  4. Fly an object at a distance from our Earth in a balloon then burst off it shall not return to earth.
  5. I Assume when our earth looses its field and magnetism, Earth looses its gravitation and weight take control of Earth and it should be enough to drive us to another different Location no one will eventually tell now.