December 14, 2016

We are adding our last project for liquadi-Database of Liquadi state. The first is running smoothly just to let you-Luo people know and we are nearing to a start of LRA. You do need to know that data is everything e.g. electricity consumption, usage, access and frequency, population, access to people legally, knowing who is in and who is out of the country, history of events taking place. Do not take it simple information is key to development, culture, society and most of all keeping peace. We are not going to give you-the people of liquadi data or create you a database however, I think we will start from upgrading systems we already have e.g. Governments, Ministries, Monetary circulation, institutions, cultures and local leaders base on their place of stay. These way, we will improve living standard of the people and encourage smooth and peace orient ecology for the people and their environment. This is how we decide to do, how would you want it be done?