Lokang Jackson November 22, 2016

Our entire life in education, discussions, history and businesses has been Atlantic dominated(South and North America USA in particular). The Atlantis promises and portrayed their nation as the outward, supreme, only, developed, educated, wealthy or richest and have all human life depends on. I am a Pan especially African however, over the decade, I have learned and extremely disagreed with the Atlantists on their views and vision of the world. If they are the only formidable force of this world, does that means it does not exist in any part of the world? Pacific have overwhelmed me through out my world and had and continue to display strength reducing Americans to pure pride. Really, who are actually the Atlantists and how different are they to us. My observation tells me, they say and show probably a lot than their counter part-the Pacifians. Now the question, how do we make them know and create differences on how they view the rest of the world against them?

Reminder: Pacific is at centre of this Earth because at our Left, Right, North, and West are Atlantic, Africa, Asia, Antarctica.

Lokang Jackson November 22, 2016

Over the last Ten years of a hunt of life in paradise they preached it, my life have deteriorated. I have moved backward in life base on my successes and living standard before I have entered this-my current phase of life.


Success is accumulation of failures creating experiences, skills, qualifications and excess. Success might be a result of failure however, it could also be lack of failure. The true meaning of success is achievement not failing at one area or the other. When you set a target to meet, have a plan, submit to work, their will come interruptions other times extreme at the end commitment will knock the strength of all of these.

The End

There is no physible end to anything being war, peace, conflict, poverty, wealth however, there is always a start and end to everything i.e. restart, end, restart and end ... Our wars of yesterday are peace of today, heroes of last decades are enemies of today, peaceful people of last centuries are warriors of this centuries, and our under developments of last decades is our developing of today. Nothing is permanent and everything is permanent depending on whose importance it favours or depth of understanding it is.


Our work was and is based on solutions not money hence, it was an insult to those we had it and a problem I now carry into my future. Remembering YEARS in YEARS, now is the time to hunt for money. Put all resources, intelligent and logical brain and work towards eliminating poverty. I promise you again, it is just a start to another achievement. Ending poverty is not creating jobs and based on our past solutions we already know and have the capabilities to remind and rethink new strategies.


Remember, competition is extremely a good and source of promotion of peace and peace existence. Competition fail on numbers, system lock, low culture verse high culture, depending on assistance, reduce mobility, limited choices and impressive system. Due to this we have worked hard and true that created so many resources and uplift people living standard. It is a dreadful war which created misery to my living standard however, built lives that will reign for generations and descendants to come-lives we would had lost. It is a negative phenomena on my side but, it is positive based on future nature of success i.e because I carry this burden, we, they and you have become free so comes our financial problems.

Note: I am not allowed to quote sources to my work because it has to be natural, idealistic, real and factual however, not source oriented. Trace the rest on our former work. I am just allowed to give this source and might help.

Smart Government prove others are electricity, phone and internet. Just the one that matter at the moment but if there come reason for we would.

Lokang Jackson November 22, 2016

Culture, privacy, secrets, dirty deals, crimes, hitman, occupation and lost are first cause of sue suits and biggest contributors to wars because the only thing after all of them is defence because development, competition, happiness, discussion, businesses, education, health is shut down from evolving and stress, agony, aggression and optimisms comes to standstill causing neutrality. Family, descendent or generation, career, organs and functions of our body system is the final step where we all stop. After these, super strength, console and experiences guides. To weaken an enemy is to occupy their territory history has proven it however, to quickly loose and continuously loose is a direct result of it. Leaders, head of corporations, businesses who strives and existed for centuries(there should only exist lest than 100 now) and are under their founders are a direct participation, interruption, disruption and open missions, goals and contribution to society. Political parties, NGOs, Hackers, private security fails so often or at least have lots of bad records about them and struggles through its operation life cycle. Few of them developed and become fully operational after the owner(founder) is dead or the entire generation and descendants are wiped out. Others are Government ministries, departments, Battalions, Hospitals and Banks. These are the most targeted companies and founders in the world because the magnitude of their involvement in public lives. They are easy to blame and carries hefty public consequences. The modern ones are technology companies. They longest in existence is less than 100 years old and most struggling are at their 10th-20th years of existence in operation that is how much public disorient themselves from them. Human and solution based businesses for example Religions, Institutions, Engineering and Culture are favoured and generational and descendant lived. People who attempted to make them enemy of people fails or die in due cause.

Prove: Anything in this world done against human shall have short life to live.

Lokang Jackson November 21, 2016

In 2010 was a time the world was shaken because of global economy, technical start up uprising and global security. We said(As all did) and set our target that by 2014, technology we pass its strength and there will be reasons to downsize, global economy will modernise, Health will drop because their will come stronger rivalry on finance, ingenuity, technology and security hence drive people's attentions away. Indeed happened, we had to set targets again for 20016 for same, but different reasons they again have come to pass. Now the we are talking 20017. It clear because science is forgotten during innovation and technology has full as that it can solve all problems. It has now let to a major problem-Weather. 2017 will be a year of weather not just in farming, desert, afforestation, clean water and irrigation, but it will go as far as globalisation during the which shined strongly during the 2014 future topics of the years. As you read this piece of information the following questions are starting to surface

  1. Why is there desert and forest
  2. why is there Oceans, lakes, rivers etc and mountains
  3. Why other parts of the world has snow, ice, tropical and rain seasons
  4. How does rain favour tropical, forested yet ignore desert
  5. All in all how did we missed it

Lokang Jackson November 20, 2016

Have you tempted to ask yourself how many projects we should run at same time? Truely you should however, we have them listed above but, they are ambiguous or very wide for all to group and simply understand. Two are running and we will keep on adding a few through out the years or decades to come. These two projects are going in to solve infrastructure, environment, transport and security. Their one extreme problem we might go into-Food security or Agriculture for easy understanding. How we set ourselves for the projects and how we do it really do matter. We don't want to return to our work and say, "What could we had done differently?". We would be exact same failed descendants of the past. We are different from the very beginning and we expect our different to outshine and guide us into our futures and build the next generations. Prepare for wild, hardest and toughest challenges and break throughs that are about to cause wonders, annoyance and outrage tour opponent. Our futures have not been clear and truely moving as has now than then felt with confusion, secrets, corruptions, I am the only, they are stupid, illiterate, deserve nothing and so on and on and on...

Prove: The harder you work; to more pain you take, amount of time it take to achieve indicates its disappearance.

Lokang Jackson November 20, 2016

Human beings interfere, disrupt, manoeuvre and counter each others when their interests, shares, and self worth are removed, infected, and their life is attacked hence, they had now become vulnerable, dependent, merged and feel sense of urgency to uplift, recover, measure their position both when on negative and positive. All human does not want to be at a social downwards however defend their nursing wounds from inflicting another pain. Loosing a gain and staying at lost are supper nagging world for any individual to rely on however life timely pendent and that is the basic principle that guide it. Excessiveness to everything is a lack or severity of because too much and too less are both problems. Constants to life both ways increases knowledge, gain skills, and is reeducation and problematic.

Lokang Jackson November 20, 2016

In the night of 19/11/2016, time 11:46, during a deep sleep of the night there were conversations. The Angel addressed herself prince of social cohesion. "I come to you as a prince of social cohesion sent to inform you about the history and life of your great5 grant parents", she calmly said. "Your grand parents were centre to their social community and had done good things to their people", she convincingly lured me into conversation. Responses could not come out because of messages where too mild and positive and am use to negatives so I turn them positives. In a way she kind of sound too nice. So, I need a rough bid into it. "All my parents I know starting from the6 died of sue suit.", I rememberd. "Our family has a song the problem of this world ", I continued wondering. She got pissed off and I man was concern and voiced in and she added, "The man is asame in you hence, would like to punish you for an opener to conversations". Waking up body was shivering and feeling extremely hot. Sitting on a bad for 8 minutes normal temperature returned. On another deep sleep, the man voiced for a second time say, "the woman deserved an answer or you are sanction for 60 full minutes of a test of eternal pain". "I am the princes", she returned. "Angels of heaven and Earth do not punish under their law without the order of supreme", I query. "If your friend sanctioned and punishes, don't you think you have a loose working Angel(meaning feel is supreme)", I continued. "If he is supreme, doesn't qualify him be Satan alliance in Heaven?", I questioned. "All Angels in heaven ascended from Earth and were judged on the throne", I answered. "If are from this earth say the last 200 years, we still have part of your generation here on Earth", I aggressively voiced. "On the other hand he is just pissed of because he feels for you?", I joked. "You probably died accidentally and the man with you was a machinery here on Earth", I queried. The condition increased so dramatic that there could come no sleep till morning. Because was sitting, line of conversions was cut off and never gotten into it again.

On waking up, many answers were flowing in for example, if angels punishes us, we have the divine power to pray to the supreme so they too be punished. If all Angels comes from this Earth, we could use another angel to hand us their information of part of their generation on Earth. If we have evidence of their existence on Earth, we have the human power to knock them off and send them early to the supreme for judgement. OH! yes, we could do that. Or if we are given the names of their descendants, we could scan all informations from libraries, Universities archives, social services and community findings and find them out. If speaking to them truths heard them, then they are actually weaker than we are.

Comparing them to us

  • Things that makes us angry are repetition of our silent pasts
  • Threats to our families
  • Sanctioning sickness
  • torture and an necessary pains
  • And remember, the last four contribute to murder, sue suits, calamities and human public problems

If same thing applied to them then we have the possibilities to send them to hell.

Lokang Jackson November 18, 2016


By now all Africans are aware and have full knowledge that the originals-Europeans(white) and Asians(Yellow, by my own judgment) are pushing on for a challenge with us on social bases. That means trying to test our capabilities and show their strengths. So far, their ways of solving community problems are really superior compare to ours and ours are so disorganised that they have no stand point to start. Don't be mistaken thinking they will ask for permission, problems to solve and authority from you to do it, they will depend on information which is available, documented, legal, public and try to give their solution based on observation, collation and imagination. I can tell you straight away our system are not equal based on standard however, it has negative effect to ourselves. We in general either step to the plate of challenge or retardate of which I personally think we should accept the challenges and step up to them. Blames, fear, judgement, assuming and isolation where part of our culture it has proven backward because the end results were diseases, hangers, illiteracy and corruptions. Social system are economy(taxation, vat, etc), health, education, security, Housing, Environment, Culture and the ones you know. There is no single country in our region including Our Friends and Alliance sites which have solve all all these problems however, give credit where it is due because few of our countries have tried and solved at least a few of them and they are truely working. So, thanks to our leaders should we say?


Bigest social problem to black(African in particular) is family separation. Many of us go to jail because we want to visit our family, doing extremely good to our family and are family dependent and so is everyone on family issues. We had histories live and documented on our highest and professionals who where supper successful however, later regret how isolated from their family and how they should have dealt with the problems but, they all came as blames, excuses, too late to do anything and also documents for us to deal with e.g. Father of Africa-Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, Mavin Gay and we have live examples going on now. Raila Amolo Odinga, Kizza Besigye, Erias Lukwago are live examples and many other politicians have gone through same. I personally is starting to feel getting into the trap and if I am so are a few of you within and about are going through. The consequence with the system is, it incriminate, marriage less, unsuccessful, degrading, isolating and social has negative impact. The offenders are British and Germans(Especially Hamburg).


How they do it is make it a competition so dark that either they or you-the offended shall not unlock yourself out of it. You want to visit your family, you either loose one of them or one of their own sparing blames on you either agreeing or disagreeing with any of them. After different problems may come in or same continues but, same logic-you just switch sites. Your either wrong or right, you either left one of us out or put one end in, divisive or unanimous, one sided or doubling, good or bad at the end it is just part of global culture.


Now that the challenges are legal unlike before and we know the problems, we are accepted to voice our concerns without fear and with confidence feeling we are Western and Asian alliance and are treated global community not a dumping ground as had been. Treatment of Africa in general have change and that is a thing we all should accept as a fact ignoring it will drag our communities backwards. Should Africans freedom and socialism be legalised?


The world is treated as a single entity. The real and actual problems you go through as an African so are Whites and Asians. They are truely and factual but, I find out black blames and whites are tinkers.

Lokang Jackson November 17, 2016

Based on our few posts, we had introduced weight and tried to convince you that it is central to our Innovation, Ancientization, civilisation, Socialisation, technical know how and performance of everything we know today. On the other hand, the old folks called theorists had introduced and full us throughout their lifetime and continue to penetrate it into our time. Now, we have magnets and fields which holds objects based on their strength and at any gravitational force. I have therefore by my own natural and fact findings denounced gravitation and reintroduced Location.


  1. Attach a less weight object at any location then put a magnet anywhere close to it it falls.
  2. put an object at any location e.g. girdle it will go down.
  3. put an object down and build a magnet that hold equal weight or more it looses gravitational force and not location dependent.
  4. Fly an object at a distance from our Earth in a balloon then burst off it shall not return to earth.
  5. I Assume when our earth looses its field and magnetism, Earth looses its gravitation and weight take control of Earth and it should be enough to drive us to another different Location no one will eventually tell now.

Lokang Jackson November 17, 2016

Easy people are unfriendly to rough people and both need a healer. At the presence of both our eyes, ears, noses, and hands we take them for usually functions of our bodies. In absent of right or left, we begins to remember the important of the other hence start learning to leave without it because we console our selves because without it, we are now weak but, we have learn with the one we have and have gotten stronger physically and are able to perform our daily duties in spite of it being either strong or weak left or right. Our thinking have become uniform in a sense and gain the confident and normalise it as was when we had both. Conclusively, without left or right, we continue to operate left or right and that initiate Luo setting a none independent dependent or dependent independent because have all or one has become a line of attack and remembrance.