Lokang Jackson December 9, 2016

Fall of libya

If history makes sense, northern Africa where first in nearly everything Africans can do. We can also falsely say because they are at bad gate to Africa from namely Europe, Arabia and Deism. As strong as they were, they are now swamped and have no idea how they can become Pan Africans again. Libya an African giant how fallen and is at war. Soon Morocco, and Tunisia we get back it again. The spring was the pan power now they are swamped again. You must understand develop

African cities

ment not just see that you are developed. Building, good roads and railways, airports, economy is not a development until the people of the land have it and control it. America is a bad example of that because as they say they are the only powerful nation on the planet, who exactly is the American saying so? It is same thing in Africa because saying am an Egyptian yet just a fisher man-a thing anyone can do including visitors in the land does not make us pan African or state. Libya before the fall of Gaddafi had a social system so superior that even the west are angry about. Wait till you know the fact, he was in a western relationship yet behaving as pan African president. No African president should call themselves Pan African when you have a foreign woman because that automatically disqualify you from being a Pan.

Lokang Jackson December 8, 2016

Forgetting the extensions agri(businesses, forestry, industry, commerce, farming, innovation), agriculture have overwhelmed institutions, industries, manufacturing, employment etc. Agriculture is going to expand into agri(home, technical, technology, science and computers). It also means we would have had understood and are able to harness oxygen, hydrogen, Nitrogen from vapour, temperature, ecology and biome and transfuse them for all world enhance automatically. Our body functions automatically, now, imagine us knowing when we are running out of oxygen, high on temperature and be able to balance it through ecology automatically. Wouldn't it be supper yes for biome?

Lokang Jackson December 8, 2016

right to war

Really, is there any lifestyle preferred to the other? Logically and personally, good lifestyle standard is free from threads and overpower, and overtaking a persons efforts, achievement, disorganisation. This is when war becomes a solution to gain independent. Wars are different and have different logics, imaginations, intelligent and technical know how of your opponent and striking them where it hurts most and create a reminder for generations to come. Also means creating new alliances and haters, opponent and competitors, balances and neutrality. Why do you have to be a the most powerful person publicly when in reality you are just good for nothing and on a use by opposition to destroy your development, innovation, ingenuity, culture and society. who owns good living standards?

Lokang Jackson December 7, 2016

2017 will be a year we realise money for the first time in many centuries. For many centuries now we had not had money however, continue to innovate and purify our batter system to transportable and exchangeable medium. In Africa Pangikwara 2.35(revised) chapter 13, we explained money in details. In few months from now we will for first time own it. iMoney was an introduction to understanding money psychology.

Lokang Jackson December 7, 2016


The venus project

To equip yourself with career, employment, profession, ton of cash your probably will have to have qualification, education, expert advise and good family you can rely on. Anything above this assuringly upgrades you to a luxuriant. Keeping competitive and constant on expanding luxury, could probably push you into extreme world but there is at the moment no physible details or proves about after extreme. It also tells us an attempt to surpass extreme creates a loophole which could lead to disaster.

The Fallout

Avoidance, respect for family, check your past because they can be exhausted, mastered and be turn against you big time. The fight to live and maintain our lives has no end because we are socially created to do so for the rest of our lives e.g. eat, sleep, work up, exercise etc missing one creates a problem which you later have to solve.


Apology, realignment, restoration, and overcoming renew, unlock, begins, and rebalance your friendship and also create remembrance of your song past. The truth is, everyone in this world has a failure, hardship, struggle at least at a time in their lifetime. Also means current failure is designed to be another step of a journey in life time. Have you ever been sick and recovered, you are likely to be sick again however, sickness does not stop us from gaining and reimagining our next world. I hate suicide and personally do not like suicidal people but risky people are my supper friends. People who reduce and make impossible looks another exit route.


Extreme family, organisation and societies breaks, loose, and disappear at about 3rd generation. Keep life of the pasts strugglers in the current system else there comes the nose dive.

Lokang Jackson December 7, 2016

Emperor buildingThey say emperor is ancient thing. A thing created by ancient people and exist for centuries. It is an ignorable true however, emperor loose it power because people inside become opportunist, capitalist, dependent and decided to favour and follow other system not listening to their own system. It takes a formidable and critically aggressive and protective person to help fight back and restore their emperor. At our best time, we store and start our emperor and passed all existing allying with the people and independent from those we help destroy us. Now is the time but we have had to have a channel for everyone of us to acquire information. The saying goes, "it take a 10...".

Lokang Jackson December 6, 2016

Gadie of Huston was a supreme believer of himself-a man who knew no God but himself. He was the king of all gods of America. His home is originally from Palermo-a known city in southern Italy. Gadie was not unordinary individual, he was a kingpin knocking out all kingdoms of Holy God, put Italy as a America home of roman Italian emperor, and brought down the commoners. If there is award deserving for religion lost of faiths and believers it is from the book of king Gadie. A man so wired and short as a retarded homeless, king Gadie listen to no nonsense and make dents in the face of the fools. He made religion a prison and culture scared but made Italy so superior that every American felt foreigner in their own country. If there was god you wanna know, you might wanna think truthfully and run for the hills. Is there any system Gadie does not know and anything about him Americans can lie about to the world.

Lokang Jackson December 6, 2016

Our deadliest foreigners are Eura. The only way we can defend ourselves out of them is to create as many problems are possible. Last century we managed to manoeuvre through independent which creates supper Luo separation. Now, we have both independent and dependent but, we also need another person who is and extremely dangerous Luo who is endangering the entire Luo so this way, we have continues problem to keep us off Eura. They are really powerful as we then and now know it only problems can help us and expand our power through out Africa.


Our culture have got to be prevented from modern evolution but we dearly need it to develop. We have diseases in our societies and new continues to come in while we had not even finished the other, do you know that either Eastern, southern, or western Luo already have experience with that problem before. We had been colonise, supported and had alliances before do you think 21st century is different or do you think we failed las time...


Unionist are ancient meaning keep our ways as is however, adopt their ways on our terms.


Federalists are foreign peace, alliances and government orient. They insult their own or challenge it in favour of the foreign.

Problems with both

A unionist can become a federal because their problems are solutions are understood and over written. There have to be checks on who is destroying their fundamentals or original or beginning argument or rejection or cause of formation. If they switch sides and the society is unaware then foreigners have dominated you and you are no different to FARC.

Experts dependent

Ebola, Noding, Zika, Aids and all sexual transmitted disease had no and does not have especial experts now because we believe all these problems go as we all told. They are likely to come back and remains your problems for generations to come. Produce experts with each problems solve so a return meets a fully flagged expert who can defend the entire society. Albinism is truly a problem so must we work our toughest to knock it off our continent.

Lokang Jackson December 6, 2016

Do not be deceived that Europe is the tiniest continent(Ochiang) because they had been playing as white domination of the world. Have noticed many times Moscow behaves like solving Europe problems and so is Warsaw and Brussels. The ideas of regions is getting extended to continent(Ochiang) making three major governments to help neutralise human and society problems. Africa will not fall behind because last time they did so, they dominated us because we where independent and banned dependent. Dependent and independent should go head and shoulder because both reminds us of our pasts and talks us our future. How do we prepare for the next wave of globalisation?

Lokang Jackson December 6, 2016

The choices we choose are going to affects, end us, move us forward and create climate which brings is a sign of Neutrality. Globalisation is coming back however, this time it is governmental so strong that they might bring Lwuor down. Am going to tell you that that is not going to happen in anyway. What we need to do is plan before hand and make sure because they are here, so there shall we be. We are going to have our eyes on them at least it sounds like a silly ideas but, it is our highest work of confidents and commitments to alliances and partners to double our effort on the global state. We are not going out, I repeat, we are not going out because we staying and change their system to fixate us for externality. Lwuor is typical African and we won't allow any foreigners to usher in and murder us to reduce our population and create us starvations and calamity. The truth is lwuor is none of any and is all of them excluding populist, capitalist, neologism, etc. Most of all we are be friended as remain alliance of alliances. Merry christmasy everyone.