February 2017 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson March 2, 2017

The wrong way to look at a society is to consider it in groups of people. Grouping people is good when in classes of the educated, employed, politicians and place of living(villages, towns, cities) because services, economy and management is distributed base on their strengths and weaknesses. The problem with grouping comes when there is lack of equality, distribution and race(ethnicity,originality and relationship(family, colour, state etc). It is natural to treat your own fairly and the rest after your own but is it the same with everyone of us anyway. Consider a terrorist or a dictator both are hated and loved by enemy and their own because they are protector their own and murderer to their opponents. Now let's imagine we(me and you) are considered terrorists or dictators that leaves us with two things either influence our own or get remove i.e fight or replace. At the end we all become terrorists and dictators because we have just removed one and replace with another(bad) e.g. to remove a terrorist, you need a train killer or rules that stop them from the activities done you think you made the new killer a terrorist and the rule made another person powerful? The system of bad not me and good for me creates chaotic communities and societies but we can have a problem solution society running smoothly without conflicts, equal rules and fairness to all. Just imagine for every problem in the society their is a solution so for every terrorists and dictator their is a supporter and a family that depends on them hence one's problems is another's solutions. Education, economy, culture, race and origin tells how we should operate. For any injustice their is rule of law, for any poverty there should come development and education and for any societal problems their is a person with enough skills to help figure out a solution. Whether money, technology or intelligence, the world should sacrifice her time, resources and values.

Lokang Jackson March 1, 2017

The two main natural resources of climate is water and heat. They are abundant and in large quantity and both of them have ingredient of energy and fuel. Hot water produces energy and sunny climate is harness through solar enough to fuel system. In another word, heat and water themselves should be source of energy we can use daily e.g. direct heat onto a container fill with water should provide enough heat to make energy flow from to fuel of systems and services. The harness enough heat though, we need metallic containers and metallic ground large enough to trap enough heat to heat our water field container hence, boil the water. 27°C should be enough to provide enough heat but water on deserts go up to 50°C. Through this methods, we have replace gasses which are difficult to mine and toxic to contain. To make the technology a viable option, we could also use solar to add heat to our metallic containers to speed up process. This process is safe, cheap and available in nearly all continents. Through this, you can also drill borehole, pump water and provide electricity.