July 2016 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson August 9, 2016

Ridle, slang, dilect is way things are Understood in a society. Ridle called cik in Luo is a word less used because of its implications. In the old days, it was about promoting, educating and reinventing culture until becomes a tool of act. In Luo when things become exhausted, understood, over used there need be a new way created to solve current problem. The reasons are that another tribe, people would have same thing but meaning different and worst of all it could be things that cost deaths. Today, Ridle is the least use form of education and it will soon come to and end

Lokang Jackson August 8, 2016

In 1900 during the kingdoms times, leaders e.g. Cultural, Business, Security, Head of organisations etc where prime target. It created easy divisions among people, conflicts, wars, and so many deaths. Today we are face with same thing different logic. Remember though, we still have same system with different naming. To find out about them, it need community involvement in anything new, foreign, unusual, conflicting in that community. For instance, someone from another region, a friendly community, a foreigner from abroad claiming to come to improve a community by building hospital, school, cultural institutions. That is not the problem only but who exactly does that is the most dangerous. There are two ways to confuse a community (1) find out who they are friendly with (2) find out who they are not friendly with. Now combining the two in a community is enough to bring it down by creating city, town or districts gangs. Now that open door for drugs, alcohol, killings etc. The ones that will go are the ones that so dear to a community because most its aim are to weaken it and claim it at the end. It can have a global effect because when a dear person is lost it affects all near them and those have their connection around the world. One example happening today is a woman by the name MONIC WHYT(sp). She claim to be more Luo and East African than any of us. She knows more than all of us even though it is our own home. How do she get these information anyway? She is your friend and she almost regularly comments, posts on our timelines. She also posted several time on Luo Culture from the very beginning until she realised that I know about her. How I detected her is a little painful. She is the most critical person against our leaders especially the president of Uganda and that is the president I want to catch him with my bare hands and show him that I am another One. My fear with her is, is that the only account she have? doesn't have another in other regions? What does she do in Egypt, Mozambique, Madagascar, Somalia etc that we still don't know? Is she with us or against us? Who is she with?

Lokang Jackson August 7, 2016

Otto ocer or Atto Ocer is life after death. The almighty is believed to have power over us after dead. He chooses us based on our actions on toward earth and it's creatures. Our mind, heart and spirits is pure when we are born. Each time during our growth, we are tested by our doing. When we fail, we loose our Devine powers hence attract dark powers of the earth. Our journey through the gate of the pure is accepted when we completely remain loyalt to the almighty and become an acceptable when we fail in Him there, he chooses the time to the land of the Devine or none Devine. We are allowed to cleanse ourselves before Him to be accepted.

Lokang Jackson August 5, 2016

Polythene is the most used piece of products we have ever made of all products. It is cheap, has less mass, but degrade slowly causing harms to our planet. I assume that products use in producing Polythene encourage this process. The best and easy solution is to extract it from cassava, opwobo, and Lwoka. This are easy and cheap and easily biodegradable. Imagine we mix the three products to produce Polythene.

Lokang Jackson August 4, 2016

By the year 5497 XL, there shall be 9 strategic capitals of the world and 9 races of people, Europeans, Americans, Pacifians, Asians, Africans and 4 Extreme world out of our world. Sea lives would have joined the land lives and the birds. Leaders of multiple lives e.g. penguins, bats, beavers, and crocodiles had adopted new defensive tactic to fend off their enemy and be able to convince other colonies to collaborate with them. Human beings upgraded and can see beyond our world and extreme world with their necked eyes. They would be able to know what is happening where and when and are able to cease their personal life at a time and revive on their needs at a time in a place. The distance between Extreme world top to Extreme world bottom world would have had take them 10 days on flight to reach. Our flihgts produces same energy we get from sun, evaporating energy and plants energy. Making our life none changing on leaving one location to reaching another location.