December 4, 2016

If question be asked, who are the Arabs? Are they from Arabia or from America? The truth about Arabs are they are invasive, respect anything including Noodles, the world primitive people, arrogant and smelly people. What is it that you think exist down that is up? Faget! I personally hate the Arabs because they are also incompetent to solving world problems. You cannot make your backyard a battle field for centuries and believe their is a supremacy existing anywhere one day will come and help you out. It is you to fix your problems. Deism and Asians are the closest people to Arabs I think but they are socially cohesive and are peace orient. Why are Arabs worrying about unknown when they are faced with real problems at hand and who do they believe is going to come help them if they cannot. I am an African, if you cannot solve your problem don't you think coming to egypt, Morocco, Niger will help solve your problems because we will smoke you again too.