October 25, 2016

Touch 2

Touch game is designed for commonly for social tag teams of about 4 to 10 famously. There are rows and column i.e lines horizontal and vertical. There is only one vertical line, but there are starting from 2-10 depending on number of people available.

Rules: Fastest, loyal, obedient, honest, famous, skilled, etc person is always takes centre. We called heshe Ruod(aka Da baba). To qualify to be a Da BABA, the all the above are necessary, but importantly you have own a team and the privilege to choose members of your own teams. You enter from local rank of unknown or bad performer and work your way up by knocking off your opposite team. The more you the only one knocking off teams, the more your rank improves hence pure Da BABA qualification. You are not allowed to step on line then touch a person and hululet to the teams members because it is likely that your neither gain a point nor loose a point, but as a member of the team, you have lost trust. Each time you do that, your rank decreases and finally, only recruited when their is none else you are always a spectator. You gain a point by touching while inline, faster, tricky, etc and if you are new to them game and a team, that qualifies you to become a permanent member or upgrade to Da BABA. Of course you loose by annihilation because the opponents are faster than you, tricky, dodgy, smarter and played as a team.

Teams: I personally been on both side because of nature of my lifestyle. I had a team in church, school, locality, social etc, but my height was the worst determiner of my rank each time I meet a new team. One thing to say, I had speed, and stiff breaking and obey rules and not afraid to tell you off if you are wrong. I have several people who remembers me and were my references in touch game till now and I can name a few of them if I have to. To play as a team, you introduce a logically destructive even e.g. topic and exit mboy out of them, launched an attack e.g. either Da baba or a team member run in wrong direction that pushes a player closer for a touch or pull a Da baba out and make shehe pay by attacking the weakest member of the team and break their defence. You can also plan to make them loose by putting da baba on a reserve and using only your weaker teams or you gain by only using your da baba and releasing Ogen Koyo on defence.