October 21, 2016

Future of calculation is about to become simple to all people of all age and level of education. Mathematic is rhythm into knowing objects, quantity, quality, speeds, etc in digits e.g. numbers, numeral etc. Technology has come to a point to agree with us-the human that we could practically do everything our ways reasonably without hesitations with strong standards rules guided by languages, culture, understanding, level of achievements. So, we should be able to speak directly to a computer e.g. mobile phone, tablets, desktops, etc and get results we wanted and perfectly accurately and with a lot of alternative procedures. This though would run out of hand and create a situation where it would only be adopted by big cooperations, businesses, governments, intelligent societies. Advantages are that it may be embed into our houses, cars etc and become part of our daily routines and we just get used to using them or become part of them and are they part of us.

Sample questions

  1. calculate number people base on country who listens to any type of music the most and least
  2. Name a bread of animal considered Carnivora and haemovorax. Name the food that is their favourite e.g in December 2050
  3. Name the most popular person in the history of the world and how e.g. enemy to a lot of people, build floating house in leg, number of people talking and are reminded about shehe.