January 17, 2017

The world of religion is guided by commandments or rules that naturally governs it. Abinu has three natural law protecting anything inside from anyone invading it. There are three natural storage levels i.e. bottom extremely large, neck smallest and neck small. Naturally, seeds are kept inside all of them. Problems start from opening, once you open Abinu, seeds will definitely fall on flow, secondly, you loose your natural ability to concentrate and either break the entire Abinu or neck leading to all seeds dangling on the flow. The real rules are who should touch Abinu; when shall he/she allowed to touch; and why they should touch it-Leader of the farm of the season, showing time and farming season. It is also discussed by family members to see who, where, and how much at a season. This is because leaders grow old and become independent, change place or accidents happens leading to lost of them or another person rise to a leadership role of the season. There are sanctions against people who are now passed natural rule i.e. when mistake happened. One, death, two curse, three, ban or abandon from community or family activity for their entire life, generation or relation. Abinu is not and shall not be hidden but govern by its natural rules.