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Our main question of week 2 of November 2016.

If you employer, teacher, parent, and society asks you to come up with and Idea which would solve problem that we face today, What would it be, how would you go about solving it, why would you chose the idea, and biome?

Let us build and have knowledge for the future.

Posted: November 11, 2016

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    lokang lokang November 11, 2016 19:32 #

    Idea: Transport

    • What would it be: Land Transportation system.
    • how would you go about solving it: There are two land common land transport system namely road and rail. Roads transport system include cars, bikes, and human and rail transport include train and light rail. Road transport are cheap to make and build while rail transport is costly to make and build. Road transport is good for short distances and carries less people and load while rail is good for long distances and carries many people and load.
    • why would you chose the idea: Transportation costs more deaths and are basic standard of living. Improved transportation system means also improve standard of living.
    • biome: Human.

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