Lokang Jackson February 6, 2016

Teleportation, or Teletransportation, is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them . All things everywhere have matter in them being oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen etc. That means through Teletransportation we can transfer human, electrons, hydrogen, oxygen from on location to another based on Quantum physic and Panyikwara. This could be our future solution into energy(electricity) because to produce electricity, we need matters like hydrogen, helium(which acts as a break), nitrogen etc. Hydrogen in particular are abundance through the sun just right above us, but sun reach to us can be affected by position of the earth to the sun during the 24 hours of day, cloud blanketing some parts of earth, snow covering some parts of earth. But earth rotates around on its axis and when that happens it only changes location i.e. When North Atlantic like Europe, and North America are at night either Africa, Australia, Asia or middle east is directly facing sun. In other words, we still have access to hydrogen in that part of the world and we can send those matters to part of the earth at night. My only fear is that because of exponential increase in electrons machines could run out of strength to hold them leading to explode and damaging the earth. But we could also use the stable gasses like helium to keep constants. If we have this sort of energy, we can supply earth uniformly and that will bring an end to grids because electrons can travel outside wires.

Lokang Jackson February 5, 2016

“If you kill no meat, bring firewood on your way back”, Laboni

Instead of thinking up high, lets create a planet right here on earth. The thinking associated with this planet or piece of land is that once had BUNGA, but the people were few in numbers because of several reasons, their numbers is now high in terms of population and caused or about to cause land degradation e.g. trees absent, soil erosion, water shortage, scarcities of food (fruits or animals) . Now, I’m (you or anyone reading now) a member of this community (ies) or leader for that matter wanting to restore BUNGA back to its originality. Generally, I would try to think that major problems today in this societies or communities could be electricity, food, and unity. Luo in the past lives on the wild for food, electricity etc. We do not need to collate subjects/problems/issues on these matters, but rather solve the outlay of it all. Then, we need communities to have centers. Imagine having a community of hundred or more families with thousands or million people and all have a center. Definitely, there wouldn’t be those who would afford their basic needs and those are not our concern. We want to tackle those that cannot afford their basic needs at this time. Build community centers that solve most public problems equip with modern technologies e.g. dining, laundry, kitchen, storage etc. and use means like solar, generators etc to power them. Now we can put laws and regulation to restrict human destructions on environments including hunting for numbers of years. What do you hope to see? Me I see a moderate BUNGA restoration and all animals back in them.

But where do we get money for doing all these shorts of things? Well, Let’s hope there are people who have enough resources e.g. money wanting to help you (the leader) or somebody is already doing same thing somewhere or group or people put their hands together to do such or write or make it a personal project. You just link up with them. Whatever means you use as long as it solves the problem and the communities are happy with it.

Let’s also think that by the time we finish and are happy with it, other colonies have already left into space. Then we just go get their land and do same thing or follow them wherever they went. Now I hope that does not make us be left behind in the trend of people growth.

Lokang Jackson February 5, 2016
  1. Nubi: Nubi people come from Sudan. There is a very big dispute on where they belonged between the government of Sudan and South Sudan. Both claiming they come from one of the countries. During the Egypt invasion of Sudan, the Nubi migrated to various parts of East Africa. Most of them settled in Uganda. Nubians have Established lots of things and they are mostly know for their Arabi Nubi.
  2. Swahili: The Swahili people (or Waswahili) are an ethnic and cultural group inhabiting the African Great Lakes region. Members mainly reside on the Swahili Coast, in an area encompassing the Zanzibar archipelago, coastal Kenya, the Tanzania seaboard, and northern Mozambique. Swahili, also known as Kiswahili, is the first language of the Swahili people. It is a lingua franca of the African Great Lakes region and other parts of Southeast Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  3. Luo: Luo as a tribe are in almost all of East Africa. Luo Language is such a powerful language. They like it to be known as international language. They occupy big political positions and are internationally active in most fields.

Lokang Jackson February 5, 2016

www.apple.com is working on a way to charge their mobile devices wireless. That means you will be able to walk around your house and do what you want to do while your mobile devices gets charged same way you get access to wireless internet in the house.If www.apple.com solved that problem, they have created a knew way to harness energy. These innovation will go as far as cars and electricity in our house holds usage wireless. Just imagine that we already have wireless internet therefore, we can use same technology (satellites like system) that will harness power which is freely available from the sun and sends that through a system e.g. broadband and hence we get our electricity for house, car, planes and trains and many other usage. We can then Partition it for usage like we do to our internet.


  1. Laser beam: We can harness enough power from a source then laser beam it to a source that we can use.
  2. battery storage:
  3. Nuclear: Is pure hydrogen stored for charging or specific activities.
  4. satellite system: We have internet and radio satellites that sends signals to a receiver which are right here on with us. We can position a system that store energy and charge another right here with us. This method is good because the sun is always available but because our position to the sun swifts, that makes it difficult to have it at one point for the 24 hours.

Lokang Jackson February 5, 2016

Nodding disease affects brain of a person which leads to unstable mentality of the person. Nodding disease problem could have already been solved by zapping the brain of the infected to stimulated memory activities.

The scope of Brain Stimulation extends across the entire field of brain stimulation, including noninvasive and invasive techniques and technologies that alter brain function through the use of electrical, magnetic, radiowave, or focally targeted pharmacologic stimulation



Lokang Jackson February 5, 2016

Two Kenyan(kioni and Otieno) were involved in a deep conversations. The topic changed abruptly. "Did you ever talk to any of your X girl friend?", kioni asked Otieno. "No. Because I might have a Y problem", he replied. "why?", she insisted in knowing. "Yes Y. You see in most cases in our lives, we either get both or one of them", he replied. "you see, when we have XY problems then it is such a beautiful thing that we can walk think about them, dream about them, reason about them or sometime we get smiles that lift our days because we get things to reason out and failure to think about", he lovely talked her. She turned to to him and said, "Wow, that is so sweet to here from you". "Don't be glued to such things kioni", Otieno cautioned her.

Lokang Jackson January 28, 2016

Price of fuel continues to plunge. To make it worst a beast(Iran) is released into the sphere. Iran was under sanction from both Europe and the USA and other major Western Power. As soon as her sanctions was lifted Iran chose to foster her relationship with Europe. Russia on the other hand dashed off from such talks. The price of Oil in Australia now stands at 90+ cents and I am hoping other countries like Canada, USA and others in Europe are at 90+ or lower. This makes it the first half of the battle. The battle won't end here. Battle of pricing to say the least will continue downwards to about 60+ cents and it will come backwards towards 90+ because of position of USA align to the rest of the powerful. China is working on a method to harness fuel from pure water, Brazil produces fuel from hydrogen(Kongo Atona), Japan is seeking its way from algae. Most USA companies are into electric cars and smart countries in Europe like German looks towards hydrogen and Italy have been to the top therefore, it knows its ways to get up there. It gets harder in Europe as it gets to Russia and it will get confusing when it gets back to middle East because spear head like Iran already has its position which is by far a bad signal to the USA congress. Israel is appearing more and more vulnerable as the conversations continues. For this reason they may back off and start the race from bottom to top. Oil is not received as well as climate change(dwoko Bura i lobo). Lets' watch as its unfold.

Lokang Jackson January 25, 2016
  1. Jo Luo: This people belongs to East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. They where involve in the fight for independent of East Africa. In Tanzania of course Julius Nyerere and his counter parts from Kenya. For the last 8 years, Jo Luo is been running the world because one of them is in the white house. Luo have much more power than any tribe in East Africa and they are the only tribe to influence the whole wide world.
  2. KiKuyu: They like to be known as the Entrepreneurs. They had three presidents so far in Kenya than any other tribe ever had. They dominate both politics and business in Kenya and have spread their power East Africa wide.
  3. Nuer: They are found in both South Sudan and Ethiopia. They have resisted Omoro strength even though their number was very less. In 2013 they were able to take on the whole army of South Sudan SPLA/M and managed to keep their domination in South Sudan.
  4. Ankole: Ankole are found in western Uganda. Most East African people believes that they are link to Tutsi tribe of burundi and Rwanda. in the 1980s and 1990s they had been launching quarella wars in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. They were rebels till they became government. when they got to government, most East African countries where destabilised.They are also known for distorting constitutions to favor them in presidency.
  5. Dinka: They are in both South Sudan and Sudan. in terms of numbers, dinka are one of the largest group of people in East Africa. They are very powerful militarily and have politically dominated South Sudan. They could be the next tribe to dominate East Africa.
  6. Acholi: Acholi are the cultural heroes of East Africa. They are found in South Sudan and Uganda. In Uganda, they so powerful that they have dominated the politic for decades.
  7. Lango: Langi are one of the tribes of East Africa that fought independency in Uganda. They dominated East Africa politic for decades.
  8. Otuho: They are found in south Sudan. They are the first to launch the first war on Arab in the then Sudan. They are culturally strong and militarily powerful. They have dominated the politic of Eastern Equatoria South Sudan and continue to expand their power East Africa wide.
  9. Anyuak: The most resistant of all tribes are the Anyuak people. For years they had been fighting the mighty Oromo and managed to resist them and maintained their power on their land.
  10. wolayta: The only small tribe from Western Ethiopia that managed to bring Ethiopia under democracy.

Lokang Jackson January 25, 2016

in 2005 south Sudan got independent through round table talks with Sudan in Nairobi. This was so because of serious politicians like Daniel Arab Moi participation. After the peace, South Sudan tried to become friend of Uganda. They lost their leader. In 2013 South Sudan got herself in trouble again. They ran to the politically chocked up Uganda to help mediate them. Nothing so far yield any good fruit. This is because first of all Uganda is fighting herself. I mean all the presidential candidates were once friends, allies, fought one war, took cover of each other. If they are angry this far at the each other how many more are still angry out there that we don't know about. Kenya is run by crooks who can't help South Sudan and they are yet to find real leaders to lead her. The only solution and help South Sudan can get is by running and getting involve with East Africa. Making problem be solved by East Africa at East Africa Headquarters in Arusha Tanzania. There they will find real leaders with experience and free environment of help.

Lokang Jackson January 25, 2016

Just within five years, Africa lost two of the most acclaimed leaders of the continent one dead the other out of power. Both men stayed in power for decades and has transformed their North African countries from nothing to a very organized social security, desert to green, from rebels to government in some cases. Africa missed and will continue to miss the two leaders. But does the lost of two people change anything for the better? Libya went totally down and disintegrated into war for four years and counting. Egypt lost so many lives and properties. Yes, there are changes. colonel Gaddafi was very great friend to many African leaders, but he preferred to do business with middle east while extend Islam while Libya influence to the rest of African countries. He was a great friend of Iddi Amin and supported him militarily. Hosni put so many Egyptians to prison and chocked politic of Egypt leading to or nearly authoritarian rule. Egypt has moved on since then and Egypt some how considers its self and African country. Libya has two faction of parties agreeing to sit together and form government. The mistreatment of dark skinned people in Egypt has reduced dramatically and Libyan are soon or about to settle and have ever lasting peace. Both Countries are now working under AU rules and with other African countries. Both men changed constitutions to fit them and keep the others out and over stayed in power. Having both men in power was the a mistake that Africans did not see at time. Five year or less from now, the goods of having both men out of power will surface.