Lokang Jackson April 16, 2016

Discrete mathematics: Combinatorics
This problem(s) cause me a big mute. I choose Discrete mathematics especially Cobinatoric to help me solve it. I may not be 100% right, but at least I want to try and do something. I am going to use four most important part of Combinatoric namely, Rules of sum, Rules of product, sequence, and Binomial. Thanks for reading.
1: Rules of sum: If an action is performed by making A choices or B oher choices, then it can be performed A + B ways.
Let's think that a tribe has community with population of
A(Uminmadit) = 1,200,000
B(Nakwar) = 500,000
C(magi) = 450,000
D(Omi) = 120,000
F(Lodi) = 380,000
G(Gories) = 140,000
H(Peilwor) = 80,000
I(poki) = 420,000
therefore, Totoal Communities(A+B+C+D+E+F+G+I) = 8
Total population(1200000+500000+450000+120000+380000+140000+80000+420000) = 14,090,000 people
2 Rule of products: If an action can be performed by making A choices followed by B choices, then it can be performed AB ways.

Bad leader with the following attitudes towards the community

  • dominant leaders with intention to control everything and shut down growth
  • demorolising behaviours
  • setting confusion

Good Leader with the following attitudes towards the community

  • Building community for the future
  • encouraging people in their own strength
  • solving problems in away suitable for everyone
  • teaches others to follow the right path
  • Healer
  • Job creator
  • preventing community from harms

Using Rules of product
Good attitutes = 3*8 = 24 characters
Bad attitutes = 7*8 = 56 characters

Using Rules of sum
total characters(24+56) = 80 leaders that can confused or build the entire communities of 8.
3:Binomial coefficient: nCk (N choose K(constant))
n = total number of people
C = choose
K = constant(number chosen)

let imagine that for every problem or solution provided in the community, the result impacts people either bad or good.

Assumption: Lets assume that bad behavior is caused by only one of the community e.g. The poki community.then, the factorial (0<>k<>N) of 8! choose 1!*7! = 8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1/1*7*6*5*4*3*2*1 = 40320/5040 = 8 notorious leaders with bad characters.

Assumption: Lets assume that for each of the 8 notorious leaders all have all 3 of bad leadership characteristics and each bad characteristic affects about 12 people from each community of 8. Lets use sequence to help solve this part of the equation. That will mean 3^8 = 6,561 well armed bad characters ready for destruction. It does not end here, there are still 12 more people from the other communities who can be affected by this characters. Then this means we have about 6,561*12 = 78,732 people possessed with bad characters now ready for destruction. What if all this leaders have about 4 more people that they know in each community? Using rules of product, then that will be 78,732*4 = 314,928 people affected in the community enough to take one whole community down with them . The reverse of this is strong enough leaders to convince all the other 7 community members and be able to bring down the leaders of bad characters. They can turn all of them in to good characters unless they become silent and do not reject attitudes of bad characteristics leaders from expanding their powers. Imagine one of the 8 leaders of bad characters raised his/her hand to confuse the people from the 7 communities and the 7 strong good leader characters also raised their hands and voice to stop them. Good will always win, but if the number is opposite then they bad characters leaders always wins. The less people can also win if they have more dominant people while the more people can loose if they all have inferrior character leaders. Even worse if you think of this in terms of years.

Scenario: Without naming a particular leader, lets take two scenarios of leaders. One from the west and one from Africa. This is about what power a leader of a country has on people of her country. We are going to use example of military power. Lets assume that both of this leaders have about 1,400,000 military personnel under their command each.

Africa: a president, or prime minister, or chancellor chooses where their targets are for instance, one of the village is growing stronger. He deploy half of his/her military for a task there. Whether to take control or for his/her own purposes, the soldiers go and complete their task. Then that means the president alone has 1.4 million time leadership power. what if he has the bad characters, lots of lives are either save or destroyed. I assume this could be the reason why Africa have ethnic, power, power clinging, and one sided growing countries. To solve this problem(s) according to me, Military should be a multi party wing. That means they agree on word of the parliament, public, and a well signed document by several wings of country care takers.

West: In the west, before a president, or prime minister, or chancellor deploy soldiers for a task, their opponent(opposition) must know and agree to it. They do this true the parliament. All the parties sign an agreement or understanding of the deployment of the troups wherever they are going or whatever task they are going to do. By doing this, power of leaders in the West is divided equal to the number of people in the Parliament. Remember, the people in the parliament also have family and relatives. They will join in to either reject or agree to the call by the leaders. This leads to the entire country agreeing before something is done. I assume that is the why the west have clean, developed, and always growing communities.

In conclusion, For community(ies) to co-exist, all leaders should have one direction of intention and that is to make and build members and the community(ies) prosperous. They should be able to see suffering, needs, and wants of the people in the community instead of trying to solve their own egos. If you try to solve your own problems, you are going to have problem(s) with the community. They may not tell you straight away, but will be able to let you or your family know in the future. The sense and spirit of togetherness yields more good and produces better future for all. This work can go further, but I hope we all got what it means.

This is a personal work. It is either sponsored by anyone or directed toward anyone. It is an opinion of individual as a citizen of this planet. If you fall under bad one just try to see if you can change or adopt more better characters. If you fall under good one, try to help the other so we all become better people and citizen of this planet earth of ours. I might be one under the bad one too. If you tell me I will know. This work is under development. I do not support either west or Africa governing system, but tries to tell it in this scenario as I know.

Lokang Jackson April 9, 2016

Kuyere(peer) has many forms, definitions, sections and meanings because it is a thing that we do because we get evolve through such things and becomes it. If Kuyere means Learning, then, it is a learning of class of people of different or same age and gender. It could on the other hand explained passing of knowledge from one generation to the next normally elder to younger, educated to uneducated and the like. Kuyere is preferably good because knowledge pass on and retain. It also sets foundation for future generations. Experiences and skills learned may be used in future. Learning is also easy because information passed are raw, consumable and easy to translate and relate since age is almost same or same generation of people. It is also advantages to parents because rules are passed to children and their acceptance to it is immedaitly noticed.

Kuyere is also bad because children learn bad characters, ideas and get to do them as they are not supervised by elders during those time.

Lokang Jackson April 8, 2016

Technology rule now and it may continue to rule for some time. It was ideally replicating our physical world virtually. It happened and it ease our lives in many ways for instance education e.g. documenting, videoing, good tools for writing, storage and distribution of information and documents, gaming and many others. It did not stop there, now, we try to bring our virtual world to reality for example drones, robots like cleaner robots which helps us with domestic works, and autonomous cars, Rovers, bichola. What is the next thing if I may ask? I just think we are about to pop things out of our virtual world and emerge them to our physical world. That means we can have a car racing anywhere in the world and have drivers from anywhere in the world. They will either have a device connected to a single race car or connect online on their computer then play. We might loose paper cash and move to digital money. Try to imagine having your own pet but electronic one which talks with you, walk with you, and help you do tasks. They will think for themselves and act in accordance to situation. If that is to happen, I just need Oyo! What would you like to have and what do you think is next thing?

Note: World refers to human beings and things that surround them externally excluding their movements.

Lokang Jackson April 1, 2016

A business as they say is an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. A business can be a for-profit entity, such as a publicly-traded corporation, or a non-profit organization engaged in business activities, such as an agricultural cooperative. Business can also be a hobby practiced for an extended period of time that yields or evolve into income generating activity. The main point here is not business anyway, it is starting a business. Allow me say this, it is hard, dreading, time consuming, require patience, skills, and commitment because it has lots of challenges, pains to go through, its hard/difficult. In some reasons, business does not earn much money rather employment does more good especially when a business has no demand, has no customers and product has no consumers.

Choice of business
Choice of business counts because most businesses are meant to bring in income. The best type of the business however, is the one that solves problems, not easy because everyone can just start and do it which creates flooding of market. How do you a business is solving problem? Almost all businesses do. It also good to start a business that adds value to itself as it grows, change with the public needs and interests and evolves with time. If you own a banana plantation, you are solving food issue at immediacy, but in long term you could go into stems which produces fibres for making rags, papers, bags etc. The later products always have higher costs to start and requires more skills to do. Or take products like cassava with later products like polythene papers, shopping bags, Jerry cans etc.

Turning hobby into business
What if I earn enough? people with enough cash spend them on charity type business. They are the ones that build water, roads, electricity especially for poor places that cannot afford such. What if you just graduated and have no job? what if you love a job you have been in for the whole of your life? what if a hobby generate more money than your income? what if a hobby makes you too busy that you cannot do other things? Well, to me, a hobby is things you do out of love for the love of it. You only do when you have the time however, when it earns lots of money, then it might force you to go into business. That means hiring more people with the right skills to help solve or fill the gaps.

My choice for you
My choice is Technology - software in particular. Learning software might take you a hefty time to master but, it will be the only thing you will appreciate you did. There are few basic languages that are easy and in general are used in most other languages. They are like the base programing languages e.g. CSS, HTML, SQL, and Javascript. When you learn this languages then you can proceed to where and what you want to do in software industry or what you want to solve by software. Games C++, Web PHP, and desktop and mobile including web Java. If you mast any of these three languages, you have arrived to the leagues of logic. The need for software engineers are more than anything you can think of in this world. People or region who will have more software engineers and programmers will lead the rest because everything you will do in the future is either online or on a piece of device. Just an example for you. Mpesa is a Nigerian idea. The guy was in the Uk and tried everything there, but nothing worked. He moved to USA so he can achieve it - it didn't work too. He lastly moved back to Nigeria with one laptop and start learning programming. There were two of them at the time. He struggled for twenty years learning Java. Later he started a company called Software culture(I cannot find it but that is what I remember). The company grew to about 300 employees and after Mpesa type product, they released pay role, academy products and many others. Today, he helped save our lives and making it easy.

Lokang Jackson April 1, 2016

Oyo realized they are giants in the world of Apyemwol based on size, height, number, creativity and kind of work they do however, they are not the most fierce, intelligent, productive, and powerful - Moro is. The question in Oyo Kingdom is, "what makes mworo different from us that makes them so superior?". Well, fact of the matter is, they are hunters, colonists, fighters, murderers in the most worst way you can ever imagine, learned to work in group and fight channeled battles and wars. There powerful weapon is their razor sharp teeth which pierce through leaves, stems, fruits, soil, branches and skins and hides. Moro other powerful arsenal is their persistence, commitment, and ability to grow mushrooms from other living things remains like trees and grass - a thing only done by them in the entire colony of Apyemwol. Imagine such level of intelligence! Moro are also the most brave of the bravest i.e. they can take on things small and big, fight them off and colonize their territory. Unlike others, Moro set themselves apart once they occupy a territory by changing the infrastructure to a style they understand, easy for them to live and adopt. Moro also taught themselves one fight for a win. That means when they do not win both the war and battle, they die in the fight(Just imagine). in spite of all this, Oyo dared to surpass Moro in the near future by adopting, copying, and learning living and behaving the Mworo way. Will Oyo? how? I leave that to you to find out.

It rained cat and dog in Apyemwol village that every one was worried about what was to happen next. Some thought that in few days or weeks the village might need to move kuca/kwica. The rest of the people like frogs, elephants, hippos, fish etc where excited about the news because they can then have enough water to swim in and have lot of fun. The news was not very good to Okoro(seashells, snail) because of their speed and size because much water to them also means discomfort(drawning). It will take so much time to cross when water level reached its height. Otongile(mantist) thinks that Okoro(seashells, snails) just needs to find leaf to float on and let water just take 'em to wherever it flows (easy hah!) because they will find a place at the end. Many Apyemwol believed that some Okoro might have listened to Otongile. They confirmed that from some of them now living in the seas, lakes, rivers, etc while others on land. Not only that, some apyemwol also thought that some might had gotten out of their shells and turned into lakaladini(leach). Okoro might have gone to ask experiences of other Apyemol like the Frogs and the like. All of them offered help to Okoro. Okolong(centipede/millipede) offered to coil itself to lift them across one after the other till all of them are safe. That was the most heart breaking offer Okoro receive because they are nearly or are exactly same in almost all things they do. The Water colony Apyemwol told all of them not to worry to much. If anything, they are all in together and they will make sure all are safe.

Apye = things that are all jumping
Mwol = things that are all walking, and scrolling
Apyemwol = all things jumping and scrolling.
Kuca/kwica = over there
Okoro = snail
Otongile = mantis
Lakaladini = (seashell)
Okolong = centipede

Lokang Jackson March 19, 2016

If there is one thing I hate the most about our(Luo) culture, it is definitely our homes. Our traditional housing styles does not favor life people during bad weathers and have short duration of time. It has been like that for centuries now. That does tell

us that we have nothing new and we cannot improve our housing conditions. We have however borrowed and adopted many models from o ur role models, friends and allies and they seems to work out just well.

Problems: The only problems with this house types are their price tags in spite of all the good that comes with it. It costs hundreds of thousand times our model and there are not enough skills to do so perfectly as yet because of materials use.

Benefits: There are more than one reason to have this housing condition particularly smart houses. It is secured, provide security, durable, safe to live in, healthy, provide conditions to things like fridge, water, and better lighting and family life.

Costs: Depending on country and location of building house prices differs. On average and in an averagely modern and good town, prices ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 thousand to build such accommodations excluding home ware like washing machines, tables, fridge etc. On top of that, you might be required to pay about $2,000 to $5,000 for land and that is it. All in all, about $50,000 should build a house seen in the picture.

Acquiring that money: Borrow or work in a group of about four people if you can save about $5,000 each a year. You can work on a house a year till you have four houses for all the four of you.

Reducing costs: It is work of civil servants to see into it that housing is provided to people who cannot afford to build for themselves. Building apartments and many government rental accommodations could help solve shortage and reduce crimes in towns and cities. It also help in managing people and making a city vibrant to the locals.

Businesses have many forms and shapes. Not one of them is the best or good for all people. Many people doing similar business can be a bad idea because of competition and drainage of resources and flooding of the market. It can however, be a good practice if it is a near idea which just emerge in a society and their is need to explore it more.

Types of businesses: Production, process, and share are the three main businesses I know. In production, you create, build, and produce products that you can sell to earn money for instance, hardware e.g. mobile phones, GPS devices, computers gadgets and software e.g. Operating systems, Web scripts, applications etc or both e.g. personal computers, autonomous cars etc. In process businesses, you acquire products then purify them for sale e.g. Drinks, jewelry, etc. In Share businesses, you invest in people with potentials for instance in schools so they can have a career or business so they can build businesses to help others or themselves or leadership so they can improve the lives of others. To many share is helping the other who needs it in return to see their lives improve or are able to lead themselves.

What business type is the best? It depends on where you come from. If I were from Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles, Réunion, or Mayotte, my main ideas would be fishing, tourism, logistics, warehousing etc. My town and villages needs more agriculture e.g. forestry, farming, ranging, Construction e.g. water supply, house construction, electricity, roads and railways, and Technology e.g. security cameras, data storage and collections e.g servers, web technologies like people data and many more.

How should I start? Financial situation and human capital are the two major influence in how we run a business. If by any means you are a millionaire your mode of business thinking differs from the ones that lives under two dollars a day. Millionaires think more about how to raise their capital by using others do the job e.g. employ them to work for them while his/her gain is profit after their salary and other costs while the poor thinks about using their mind, time and physical power more to produce a business. Imagine, you start planting pawpaw a crop that only takes one year for harvest. Because time is on your site, you could plan thousand of them within a month and yield reasonably good amount of money within a years time. I guess the problems would be how to get the market and transport if you don't even have two dollar to live on in a day. Don't worry because their are so many people with cargo cars, roads and railway systems is improving in every part of East Africa. Not only that, pawpaw has more than one use for instance, it can also be use to produce drugs and body lotion. In this case you only need to contact the right people to gain access and expand your reach.

Assumption: This article assume that cost of starting a business for poor people is zero and location is the most important factors in starting all kinds of businesses and time is the most important factor in succeeding.

Conclusion: In conclusion, if you use your time best way possible and commit to your business, you should be able to produce what you need. You should not listen to others and follow their footpath because what makes them may harm you i.e what works for them may not work for you.

Lokang Jackson March 7, 2016

Philip Okelo I know
I first meet Okelo in 2005 on yahoo group. We were only two from our region defending and fighting for our people. That group was too powerful we approached them from different angles. For me I wanted to cause them problems so that th

ey can be busy solving them, but you decided we gain and still knowledge from them. The leader of the group asked for a website in 2008. I was in my second year of BIT. I offered to do it for free but the idea was so we can still there information and use against them. One of their senior politicians noticed and told them to be careful because she thinks it could be something planed. Their leader took the advice and we failed

miserably at the time. I later in 2009 meet him on Facebook. In 2012 we collided on land and many other things

We collided on three things with Nera i.e. land, history and names. We were both right but we have different logic to our problems. Nera idea was land is customary that means it is defended by rights and my idea was that land is cause of problems that means we need to shield it off our enemies. on history Nera understood it as a fact therefore, they should not be change, but recycled and my understanding is that history is someones understanding of facts. We can bend history to our suits. I thought it would be nice to add H to names like Okoth, Ochaya etc, but he thinks we would have wreckage meanings of names because those are what they are known as. I just think that we could bend them and make the others adopt it and teach to the feature generations.

Okelo has departed from us. Nera, I want to say, we will miss your absent a lot. As we know it in our culture, your absent depends on time to access your destination. You were a man not common by your like and different by your work, devotion, advice, commitment, historical facts, cultural orientation and abundance of knowledge you bring forth unto us. You avail them whenever needed and make them understood wherever possible. Your Idea of unity and seeing peace and the once was mighty but crumbling empire reign again hence both men and woman of the soil fortified for their “customary” belongings. You have done enough, but it was not yet time Nera, but may His will be done here as it will be done destined.

Lokang Jackson March 6, 2016

Ethiopia and Rwanda claimed to provide electricity to the entire East Africa region. That is very good news to all people of the region because there will be little or no power outages. Almost all East African countries rely on hydro power electricity anyways. The problems are, hydro electricity are inadequate and in efficient source of energy. That could be why many countries that rely on such sources of energy has power outages in their countries or region. Both countries will feed the East African grid with their energy sources for us to power our homes, energy, businesses, homes etc.

Dangers: Electricity can be used to torment people by switching off power; punish people economically because businesses like server have to run 99.99999% a year. That means it is only allowed to loose 5 minutes in entire year to work efficiently, but that may not be the case if disputes erupts between countries or allies. Worst of all it can be used to cripple health system which will lead to many deaths. Rwandans have problems how they treat their opponent and there is likeliness that that could happen on the grid. Ethiopia is at her best at the moment, but who knows when power swifts to central Ethiopia.

Solutions: We must turn to the idea of federated East Africa. That means each regions, district, city provides her own electricity if they can afford. Such means are abundantly available for instance, solar, Wind and bloom energy. These sources of energy are cheap, clean and available whenever and wherever you need them. We get them and feed them into the East African Grid.

Affordability: Major players like business people, politicians, institutions can work together to bring such energy technology. Imagine a region of 20 members of parliament (MPs) sit down and draw their plans for energy. Any financial body for example, bank, micro finance, investors, development banks and NGOs can stand with such groups and there comes energy for the entire people. Then our people don't have to rely on our enemy or other people power sources that will in the future becomes weapon to stagnate us.