July 16, 2016

In the old days, yiora was job categorised for woman and children not considering gender. Young boys in particular were the favorite for such job. The young the woman and young girls cut the grass while the man goes GERO BIE and the young boys mostly go hunting for TOL. The quantity and quality depends on the people making it. Normally their is no count on how many are put together but their is need for it to at least fit the user's hand. From here we can assume that told, large hand people have bigger ra compare to the short and small hand. Most people prefers to count it in bundle rather than how many goes on to making one. Counting is preferably done on Guti(house poles). For a house to be able to hold the size of roof, wall etc there need a number of them. Assumingly the word GOT originate or is emulated on housing.

Oyira method does not end there, wise people used this similar method in building house floor, sealing board, boards, car, planes, bicycles etc tires. It is also use by other people as method of numbering and counting objects. Instead of grass sticks where used. The same method can be used in building bunga roads, bridges, walkways and many more. Imagine someone so crazy and combine YIORA, CORO, and Cobo lawala(putu type). What comes out of that is a product that will change the way we count today not only that it will be one of the global biggest business, company and creates many jobs enough for an entire village.