Years in Years

November 21, 2016

In 2010 was a time the world was shaken because of global economy, technical start up uprising and global security. We said(As all did) and set our target that by 2014, technology we pass its strength and there will be reasons to downsize, global economy will modernise, Health will drop because their will come stronger rivalry on finance, ingenuity, technology and security hence drive people's attentions away. Indeed happened, we had to set targets again for 20016 for same, but different reasons they again have come to pass. Now the we are talking 20017. It clear because science is forgotten during innovation and technology has full as that it can solve all problems. It has now let to a major problem-Weather. 2017 will be a year of weather not just in farming, desert, afforestation, clean water and irrigation, but it will go as far as globalisation during the which shined strongly during the 2014 future topics of the years. As you read this piece of information the following questions are starting to surface

  1. Why is there desert and forest
  2. why is there Oceans, lakes, rivers etc and mountains
  3. Why other parts of the world has snow, ice, tropical and rain seasons
  4. How does rain favour tropical, forested yet ignore desert
  5. All in all how did we missed it