World connect

February 28, 2017

Before we think of connecting the globe, may be we should think of connecting our continents. Africa is still divided on states, you cannot cross from one country to another on a single passport although they are neighbouring each other, to travel from Europe, Siberia and Arabia you will need to change mode of transportation, Americans, Canadians and Oceania(Usually South America) have not finished working on pacific and Atlantic highways to connect the three continent which are connect by land, Pacific an organised because you cannot travel from one state to another on single means of transport(public transport). There are no busses and trains going and coming from one state to the other, you will have to take a private means of transport to do so. To connect our globe in transport we have planes which are expensive and and affordable by few. There are no power, water and communication system that connects the continents as one except internet has made it in the 21st century. What will it take and how long will it take humanity to realise the need for each other.