world 5 - emergence

November 3, 2016

These historically and originally happens after every 200 years in our human ecology that marks either a new beginning or expansion into a new descendants. In the past, it might had been guided or defended however, this century, it is Hemperor, Kemperor, and Lwuor balancing things up at the base line at all supper initial and extreme end. Perfect one has severity, power, prosperity, ideas, and at its finest doubled the gaps. Imagining that will shudder the entire wide world firmly off. A owe all and every bits of it from the very start and at its finest. This point in time, winners will internally come to a meeting directory and winners gain usable points and hold future of varieties and maintaining lead in a secure and meaningful way while accepting the other's views, etc. All the man had we, shall be on use. Our energisers, commoners, and tribes shall come from seas and join the battles, nothing beats our Freak and main men and to top it, we have AI to sharpen the tribes. We need students and the directorates to help widen and bring the battles off the sea. We could do all at zero cost even without Mega trouble and keep working hardest at our points lines.