world 4

October 14, 2016

Slavery: You do not have to be black and an American to know that slavery existed. Slavery is human capital, businesses, culture, power, and war based on number. Slavery was the first name used then. It has now evolved into many things e.g. military intervention meaning bringing and taking people from one side of the world to the other for use. The original slavery though was between the white powerful west against the weak African. Mistakes where made by the powerful e.g. handing big chunk of land for farming, accepting black to do businesses, inter marriage between masters and slaves. Black outworked the white and as a counter, the west brought in other people who were judged moderate e.g. Asians and Deism.

Education: After world war ii, the white west decided they enhance their education system. In another way it was a challenge for the original slaves because they have gotten wealthy, smarter, all knowing, so they do need a dummy to help knock the original who are now powerful enough to defend themselves. Not only that, other white people either in Europe or America took it as away out. They open their own educational branches in and outside their continents. They also use that as a tracking system to know who is from where and their capability.

Employment: Smart individuals where given jobs to remain where they studied. It was another slavery revolution because the ones that have returned have copied their system and they are using it against the white trackers. Their institutions became strong and powerful enough to do exactly they want who want a competitor that with similar mind set?

Industrialisation: Industrialisation is perceptually group of highly educated few who decided to test out their work. Believe me, industry is smarter than institutions and they solve real problems and they instead use their result to educate the world through institutions. Bad industries e.g. petrol, military bases etc are land occupiers and polluters hence creating harms and displacing he populace.

Coperation: This is the current level we are at. It is an old same damn thing that had happened and is still happening. White powerful decided they are now nice people and let all of us forget our pasts because they already have a grandstanding solutions to our stupid black problems. I personally meaningfully reject the notion however bring it in front of all of us so we can make them accountable on their promises and make sure who are free to choose and do what we want based on our reasons not enforced. At this level, not the rwot, president, prime minster, government have a individual decision to make themselves for the people rather the people for them and they keep on checking to know if things are truthfully happening or their or some loopholes. If there is then there is need for another honest, loyal, committed etc leader.

Conclusion: White people will always all time try to get a head of us by know about us and causing us harm quietly and pretend they are solving. We as Africans should have stand point and stand firm and NO if know it is wrong be it dead or torture. We rather live with all those to gain control to our future.