world 3

September 10, 2016

People have their own weakness when things are imposed on them knowingly. Human hates each other because they are in competition with each other. Colour do affect every community because of its orientation and perception. One colour tend to prefer one their own and abandon the one that is different to theirs because of effects and dangers that comes with it. White is interrogative and black is low key. White is also full of wants and needs while black is happy with what have they and unless have adopted that as a culture. White have embarrassing details to black while black has annoying details to white. White can watch each other and others live sex through cctv, security camera etc for black that is insane and considered punishable. White respect no privacy and instead consider that their strength but black discourage communication towards privacy of each other and could flames war e.g. security details especially what happened in war. White are naturally dirty and tends to use what you want on you e.g. money, happiness etc while black tends to be open of what they do and communicate clearly as it is. White causes problems it does not matter wherever they are from while black tends to heal and gives their heart out to help, support etc each other. White can kill and say you are a danger while black don't kill while cry and accept that as a fact, but they do kill each other because they feel same on standard and have same power. White does not appreciate illiteracy and in other country that is a good prove for imprisonment while black will question less and jokes, laughs at illiteracy. Black verse black in most cases goes hand in hand and so is white verse white implying God is not a full, he made us different from each other at birth. White avoid owning similar things even amongst themselves while black share whatever it is amongst themselves e.g. bike, car etc even business. White are threaten if feels they are on same level with black or even close to e.g. white have large population to black but complains black are high in population than them. White naturally hate black unless the one who has use to them and black naturally like white even the most primitive one they prefer to their own most intelligent. White keep their agreement but black ignores agreements e.g. European union never broken since started, America and Russia signed agreement after cold war and kept it till to date while black people breaks their agreement because one of them feel threaten e.g. EAC, Sudan and South Sudan agreement etc. Evolution keeps gene and changes colour. Meaning other black or so white to black and so are other white.

White will never be black and so is black. But my assumption is in a thousand or million year from now, the whole world will be white in colour not just dominated.