World 2

May 20, 2016

Universe as a whole takes time to understand and analyze. It is big, wide, diverse and has so much for a single person to understand it all. In world I wrote about differences in time over number of decades or centuries. This is about countries and people of interests.

Two finest: There are two countries and people that you will not likely talk about or even heard about - Bavarians and the Jewish. Bavarians are geographically in Western part of the world and the Jewish are in the East. Bavaria capital city is munchen munich while the Jewish capital city is interchangeably Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. These two are the real supper powers of our world. I personally call them big brothers of this world. Jewish are the most known it could be because of their Geolocation and kind of people that surround them while the Bavarians are quite people may be because of alternate reasons and may be they are known only to western people. They are surrounded by democracy, peace loving and developed people. That could make it easy for them to provide solutions to problems around them. These two have major problems; populations and total land area wherefore, they have their big brothers who are known to all of us - British and the Germans. These two I call them the doers/actors of the big brothers - they perform the tasks. Though I call them brothers, the concept is that they are brothers of the world not each other.

Attempts: Both of them went through their trial times because other powers attempted to take powers from them. That led to bombing of them at pearl harbour in 1941 by Russians and at Darwin, on 19 February 1942 by Japanese. All attempts where unsuccessful and they maintained their powers over their territories.

How I got here: My real work started between 2008 and 2009. I did most of the work in house and from 2012 to date it is been in front of everyone. Of course it was about collaboration and understanding Luo and the wars within and outside the Luo regions. There were phases I had to pass through and choices I had to make during the work. It was a lone walk, but later started getting support, assistance and help from the four groups. We went through nearly everything from religion, culture, politics, lobbying, security you name them. When the big four joined, I had to choose what I like and want. They provide their version(s) of whatever I took a look at e.g. security because each time I do this work I get more unsecured. I needed some sorts of security for myself and my people. The British, I assumed, granted me personnel between the time of 2008 - 2013. That was during my time in South Australia. Some few people in South Australia knows that. It made me feel no different to an African Dictators. I had to move to Sydney in 2014. The Germans then provided me with "No interruption". It is too hard to explain what that is. It feel like you do what you want to do. It took long time to get to that because I was being push around so much. I actually have to go to a brawl to defend myself from other people who unlikely happen to be a British Australian. I was stopped during the fight after that I really wanted to beat the guy. I kept trying to find time when he was alone then beat him. I couldn't find the chance because each time I come there, there was an old man. Later some Germans and Italians advised me to focus on the mental battle because I am on the right way anyways. They said I need patience to succeed. Remember it got too tough that I had to leave my apartment room and move to street. I was exposed to all sorts of dangers and can die at anytime in the hand of anyone. But I felt safe because that drew many friends. We were in numbers. That is how I felt safe under them. The British Idea was toughness which I am more capable of doing but both Italians and Germans wanted me to focus on working on my logics and find some more clues. All they all agreed on was mental toughness. It translate to many things keeping quite when you are suppose to, ignoring things, standing up when you are supposed to and maintaining your emotions etc.

Attempts to avert me: From about March to August, I met most of the world powers leaders, supper stars and all kinds of important people you can think of. Some came illegally and where denied entry. I was already under guidance and the best security you can ever find. I was told don't act but just do whatever you are doing. I really wanted to talk to some of them but I walk past all of them and some of them more than once. I knew the work was over but for me I was and is not ready to accept that the work was already over. There was also some bag money involve. It could have been from an NGO or a government. Upto now I don't really know who that was or were the money came from. I was told it was $100,000(one hundred thousand dollars). I just bluntly refused and for me, it was not and it is still not about money. Some of you remembers that because there was a time we talk about money not being solution to our problems and then we started coming up with ways how we can generate money ourselves. But there was also no need for such kind of money yet because with such kind of money, you can buy a house, marry, start business and do a lot of things which would have made me comfortable and not make me arrive here. I was also afraid of my friends who advised me because they have some of the biggest businesses you can think of, big banks and all things that earn enough money. If they know my problem was money then they should have given me. Accepting that would break our friendship and ruin the whole process and send us back another 70+ years. Oh! and BABA didn't know that too. After that I went three month without any assistance and any sort of income. I also lost everything including my wallet. I was left with one cloth I slept in that night and every time I wash it then put it back on. I got lice all over me. Of course later some friends brought me clothes and shoes and that changed things a little bit for me.

Who is who: Having gone through all this problems being all the good and bad things I think that both sides are good people. I just disagree with some of their concepts and that shouldn't make me the chief judge. Your friend and allies are your choice not mind to make because mind was to do what I had to do. Remember all of them also advice me at some point on what I should do and should not do.

Peace: To keep the world at peace, there is need for us all to interrupt this four people whenever it is right time. The impact of their problems are dare and it affect each and everyone of us in spite of who you are, your color, religions, positions and geolocation in this world. There is one good thing with them; they are so powerful that they listen to the least powerful person/people. They understand us, they have time to speak to us whoever you are wherever you are. Whatever you are going through whether bad or good is just a tiny fraction of what they are going through. There is no military in the world powerful enough to withstand them, there is no big or small problems to them too because error becomes an excuse to them.