Word Formation

August 26, 2016

Words already exists and that is the easiest part for all of us at this point because all tribes speak and expresses themselves. Our interests are not in the word though, but rather how do they get formed. If rethink alphabet, then words are bunch of letters minced together whatever it actual real meaning is for now. So letters do really form word and so are words to sentence - which is beyond the scope of this article. Let try to pic two letters closely linked and are used interchangeably e.g. K and C and S and C. S and C are problems of their own because they are not actually interchangeably but they are real letters that other tribes missed in their alphabet. Borrowing ideas from language fundamental, K and C are either temperate or food oriented issues.

initial Word Word with K
Word with c
Word with S
1 ongo Kongo Congo Songo
2 Wa Kwa Cwa Swa
3 i ki ci si

If we gather let say fifty(50) tribes and asked all of them to explain what the above words means, there is a probability that a few of them will rime.