Generation Oyo

October 29, 2016

We had a constant 22(1970) years of battles to fend off the hooligans and about 20(1990) years of refuge. We went through extreme torturing, depopulation, cultural restoration. We never loose resistance and our defence in spite of all atrocities inflicted on us. We never shyed away or given in till we have gotten competitive again. Next to come is the scary bit. It will be a test of soul and if by all means you have all it take to stand your ground. Be warn, I shall not either stop or mute from my work, but continue and accommodate all self reliance and independent we had gained and continue to pursue which by no means is replaceable of negotiable. Europe must learn to work with us not own us and America must know that we have grudge and shall not heal. We can partner with you on all fields and respect your deals and businesses with us at highest and official ways we will. Do not forget America, you have all our troubles and they are represented in your flags. You all need each other, but we need to be fair and balance and know all conditions and important and irreplaceable.

From Allies and friends of Brasington inside Oyo colony.