What might have happened in software industry

May 1, 2016

It was long before this but for me, it all started at Bell Lab when an engineer saw the need for a permanent software programming language that could stay long after him. He wanted a generational language. Based on his age he decided to make the language static, but fully functional and features rich. The project when successful and it was launched. Many programmers join in to learn and program in C programming language.

Somewhere somehow there was a discussion of new ideas. For other programmers C was very procedural and slow, but to others it was good but they needed something different. Two programming languages immerged. C++ and Java programming languages were built. C++ was build to go fast, but it gotten dangerously faster. Java was built to go slow and safe. There was a single problem that was common to both of these languages, the need for team. Both man had ideas to change C, but alone it was not going to get done. Java was adopted by Oracle and C++ gotten help from varies team of individuals. When both languages gotten public, there became so much loved, but they were both male programming languages. They produce good results but there were no clear way to keep and organize their work in one place. Good thing happened. Oracle already had Miss mysql. Mysql acted as a she language. It was able to make both languages and many others keep their data in a something called database. This was a brilliant idea.

Then there came many other languages after java and C++ and the programmers where satisfied now. We have what we need to do our job. You can program, keep your data and have the best result as you wanted. But somehow there seems to be a problem. There might have been a discussion about programmers being dressed in uniform, decorate their work place and do all they needed with the looks of their offices but the programs themselves do not do same thing. “We need a suit guy”, they suggested. There came the man who shows it all in the first web he created. It looked good. He dressed it well and was able to look the way he wanted. So the other programmers might have decided to adopt HTML and CSS to format and design most of these languages. These changed the look and feel of software products. Especially in languages like java EE, python, C#, C++, and php and much more.

All were good, but not exciting still. To make it exciting the guys at Netscape came up with JavaScript. JavaScript was exciting and made actions in other programming easy to happen. They went farther by bringing in JSON, Ajax, and JQuery.
There was one particular case that was different to all others. It was the introduction of Mr. Love-PHP. PHP might have been an idea of ownership, love, creativity, but it was sneaky. It was made to go inside HTML without the other programmers knowing it was there. Did you ask yourself why faceBook is the stickiest social site? It is built on love, ownership, and PHP language.