What did't happen

August 9, 2016

When Anyuak and Acholi were divided, Anyuak decided to move East ward. Acholi where the people remained behind waiting for mourning hour. They woke up straight into a journey that have become part of Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Chollo lost patience, they decided to moved into the night and at the end they did not move that far settling in South Sudan. Shiluk where the most fearsome of all of them because they decided to escape in the middle of the night so afraid of the Owuor. They too did not move that far settling along side Chollo. Because of such, they didn't improve yet they are the ones which much more resources e.g. Bunga including its animals, forests, water etc; Minerals and human capital. Other tribes capitalised on them and gained by invading them and kit napping their children.The question we(Luo) should all be asking now is, do they know how to use those resources yet?