September 22, 2016

Let history speak for itself. Wau had been and is till the most recognised strategic place in Southern Sudan since the very existence of us. They however, lost that recognition because at the time, tribes in Wau e.g. cholo, luwo, etc were regarded as nomadic and in their book it was written most violent people. Tribes like Luwo just has their tribe name written in word and is unforgettable. The Bari speakers e.g. Bari, Kuku, Pojulu, etc where very administrative and had skills for running a government. They were also peaceful in many ways and tend to solve their problems on table, but most of the Nilotic e.g. Luo and Ateker were warriors. They were fierce and always sceptical of insecurity not only that, they were always defensive because they were mostly farmers and so the nomadic(highland) of the time e.g. Nard, Dinka, Nuba etc would come for their water, destroy their crops, and most of all displace them. Europe don't like that because it seems same mindset and so are deemed dangerous. In the history of Luo and other Ateker, they fought a hard defensive war especially Acholi, Otuho, Lokoro, Lango etc. Juba then became the commercial and hence the capital now, but are the Bari speakers of then equals the Bari speakers of now? One thing we all have to know for sure is that, Juba won't be our capital city in the decade or so.