Unwise possession

December 7, 2016


The venus project

To equip yourself with career, employment, profession, ton of cash your probably will have to have qualification, education, expert advise and good family you can rely on. Anything above this assuringly upgrades you to a luxuriant. Keeping competitive and constant on expanding luxury, could probably push you into extreme world but there is at the moment no physible details or proves about after extreme. It also tells us an attempt to surpass extreme creates a loophole which could lead to disaster.

The Fallout

Avoidance, respect for family, check your past because they can be exhausted, mastered and be turn against you big time. The fight to live and maintain our lives has no end because we are socially created to do so for the rest of our lives e.g. eat, sleep, work up, exercise etc missing one creates a problem which you later have to solve.


Apology, realignment, restoration, and overcoming renew, unlock, begins, and rebalance your friendship and also create remembrance of your song past. The truth is, everyone in this world has a failure, hardship, struggle at least at a time in their lifetime. Also means current failure is designed to be another step of a journey in life time. Have you ever been sick and recovered, you are likely to be sick again however, sickness does not stop us from gaining and reimagining our next world. I hate suicide and personally do not like suicidal people but risky people are my supper friends. People who reduce and make impossible looks another exit route.


Extreme family, organisation and societies breaks, loose, and disappear at about 3rd generation. Keep life of the pasts strugglers in the current system else there comes the nose dive.