February 28, 2017

Because of amount of total area our oceans covers, it is a perfect target to transport system because in transportation oceans contribute negatively leaving strained air space. Air transport is fast, efficient and safe, but the increase of planes into our air reduces the safety of our air transportation system making the most dangerous and less affordable form of transport on earth. Water transport is only on water. Water transport is safe compared to most form, but slow and pirate target for instance cargo ships because of this, it has become expensive to transport goods over water transport. Beneath our oceans lies Land and we already have more experience with tunnels, through mountains and bridge buildings. This same techniques can apply to under water transportation ways making and letting us introduce road and railway transportation into ocean transportation. This will integrate the globe, reduce transportation, connection continents, reduce transportation costs and bring forth closer to human interactions. There are five major land masses on the globe, on the East is Africa, Europe(including Asia, Siberia, Deirab), on the West are America and Oceania(Formerly South America) and in the central is Pacific. The shortest distances for us to connect the world by under sea ways are between Africa and Europe through Egypt and Yemen or Morocco and Spain, Africa and Oceania through West Africa and Oceania, Oceania and America through their border, Pacific through Northern territory and Indonesia and Europe and America through Greenland.