Top ten most powerful tribes of East Africa

January 25, 2016
  1. Jo Luo: This people belongs to East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. They where involve in the fight for independent of East Africa. In Tanzania of course Julius Nyerere and his counter parts from Kenya. For the last 8 years, Jo Luo is been running the world because one of them is in the white house. Luo have much more power than any tribe in East Africa and they are the only tribe to influence the whole wide world.
  2. KiKuyu: They like to be known as the Entrepreneurs. They had three presidents so far in Kenya than any other tribe ever had. They dominate both politics and business in Kenya and have spread their power East Africa wide.
  3. Nuer: They are found in both South Sudan and Ethiopia. They have resisted Omoro strength even though their number was very less. In 2013 they were able to take on the whole army of South Sudan SPLA/M and managed to keep their domination in South Sudan.
  4. Ankole: Ankole are found in western Uganda. Most East African people believes that they are link to Tutsi tribe of burundi and Rwanda. in the 1980s and 1990s they had been launching quarella wars in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. They were rebels till they became government. when they got to government, most East African countries where destabilised.They are also known for distorting constitutions to favor them in presidency.
  5. Dinka: They are in both South Sudan and Sudan. in terms of numbers, dinka are one of the largest group of people in East Africa. They are very powerful militarily and have politically dominated South Sudan. They could be the next tribe to dominate East Africa.
  6. Acholi: Acholi are the cultural heroes of East Africa. They are found in South Sudan and Uganda. In Uganda, they so powerful that they have dominated the politic for decades.
  7. Lango: Langi are one of the tribes of East Africa that fought independency in Uganda. They dominated East Africa politic for decades.
  8. Otuho: They are found in south Sudan. They are the first to launch the first war on Arab in the then Sudan. They are culturally strong and militarily powerful. They have dominated the politic of Eastern Equatoria South Sudan and continue to expand their power East Africa wide.
  9. Anyuak: The most resistant of all tribes are the Anyuak people. For years they had been fighting the mighty Oromo and managed to resist them and maintained their power on their land.
  10. wolayta: The only small tribe from Western Ethiopia that managed to bring Ethiopia under democracy.