Thin line in a developing economy

March 9, 2017

The verse majority of people in developing world don't have the sustainable economy the uplift their living standard hence it drill when the smallest they is spend on investing in the future. Tomatoes farmer will get out of farming if they start thinking about producing tomatoes paste because the resources needed to produce, store, manufacture etc will cost more than tomatoes farming. Farming itself is also a full business enough stop poverty and improve living standard. If a tomato farmer can produce a tone in the first year, he/she can also increase production by may be a percentage of more each after because farming has other factors that can stop the process and considering all if a farmer can pass it and increase production then they are only left with more expansion and quality improvement. Instead of changing from farming to producing finished product, most people who stay farming their volume of production and the likelihood they stay in the business increases. The other thing they might think of is how can you keep your employees and increase their number, profit, disease and soil quality.