then uninformed

November 17, 2016

Society functions on a module "all are equal" and they use that to encourage each other in good and bad time. Individually, we are told from the very early age we are different from each other and that is how we should help each others out. Now imagine a leader of a country whose fight to becoming a leader was based on protecting and defending the minority, threaten, socially isolated, and locked up in a jar or cattle. Also imagine they went to war and lost lives to gain that position, they killed their opposition because of amount of anger in the society, they safeguarded them, provided them all basic needs afterwards, they turn against all the leaders, ministries, departments, and cabinet of the country and forgot everything and instead started applying same tactic use to bring them out of tragedy against their very own coordinator. They decided to incriminate and lock all strong and educated people of the country; build brothels as a catch to lure the strong; destroy institutions to weaken communities; forgot about reminders and open war line not remembering that is their loosing channel; decided to loot all jewelries to enrich themselves and strike their veterans with no help; make friendship with enemy of a friend but friend of an enemy after all that their situation just gotten worst at them even much more than they had been through at the beginning. How do you feel this was you being betrayed and really, how would your behaviour be after being recovered, revived and remembered?

Tags: Respect