​The strength of Africa and Africans

February 20, 2017

The strength of Africa and Africans

1: Although Africa is abandoned by supper rich investors in fear of financial insecurity, Africa, continues to have abundance.
2: only Africa and Europe enjoy two culture coherently for Africa socialism for outside the city an capitalism in cities I personally am feel honoured for that and feels it is the true centre of humanity
3: Africans suffer from thirst and diseases more any continent but they never through each other and continue to support each other and help out where needs be and do not desert each other
4: Pan Africans continues to show their strength even in the most though times while others have lost their origin even entire continent and are being thought foreign
4: African security is the weakest for any person who understands real security yet Majority of deaths in Africa is not from security but scarcity.
5: traditionally most things in Africa is not legal but there are less people in the entire continent than even the developed because Africanism is the true rule in blood but not the law.