The resistance

September 21, 2016

One of the battles we fought and will never forget for generations to come. This battle will be remembered as wat obendo. On Luo side was the LRA(Lord resistance army), Burundi(hutu) and Uganda(Ankole) called M23 and central Africa republic called Mai Mail. The three groups defended and attacked whenever it is necessary. They attack when their public is endangered and defend when they are under attacked. This started at the time of what was called small mines of the East because leadership started to show some capitalist culture in Africa. In 2004 and 2005, Luo was too strong and could invade khartoum, central Africa republic, chat, and Congo at same time without any problem. Then the European came in support of both Mai Main and M23 pumping in ebola in LRA head quarter and sending in men on boot to help both M23 and Mai Mai. Luo was reduced and slowed drastically, that gave way to the other groups. We needed to regroup, this time with politic at forefront and defence following. Khartoum and Eastern Congo accepted but we are left with the rest of Congo and central Africa. Our defence had to punch holds to penetrate to enemy who are now 6 times stronger than we are. We had to have a system in place to manurer the battles. We engage all public, officials, the defence and anything usable thing we owned. That took us half a decade or so and now we are here. There is till a lot to be done even though we feel safe and secured. We now need to turn our attentions to watch our backs because that is where our next problems will meet us. Until then, battles shall never stop but tactics, logics, and intelligent system have to adopt as fast as possible and always try to counter and analyse them as fast and soon as possible. Last decades was defence, next may be education, health, development etc. Whatever it might be, keep your nose at their tail.