The Pacifians

November 22, 2016

Our entire life in education, discussions, history and businesses has been Atlantic dominated(South and North America USA in particular). The Atlantis promises and portrayed their nation as the outward, supreme, only, developed, educated, wealthy or richest and have all human life depends on. I am a Pan especially African however, over the decade, I have learned and extremely disagreed with the Atlantists on their views and vision of the world. If they are the only formidable force of this world, does that means it does not exist in any part of the world? Pacific have overwhelmed me through out my world and had and continue to display strength reducing Americans to pure pride. Really, who are actually the Atlantists and how different are they to us. My observation tells me, they say and show probably a lot than their counter part-the Pacifians. Now the question, how do we make them know and create differences on how they view the rest of the world against them?

Reminder: Pacific is at centre of this Earth because at our Left, Right, North, and West are Atlantic, Africa, Asia, Antarctica.