The five nations of the world

February 28, 2017

In general, there are five nations in the world i.e Eurasia(Europe Russia and Asia), Africa, America(including Oceania), Pacific and Africa. In the early 1900 Europeans migrated into all continents then fifty years later people from Africa and within Eurasia decided to move to other continents. Now we are at cross road of globalisation-a single world system under the five continents. This is coming at a cost though because races are beginning to switch spots e.g. Eura(Europe and Russia AKA Siberia) wants to build their empires in Africa, America, Pacific, Asia and Oceania leaving the rest of the people defenceless. There are still two giants standing to defend the rest and that Africa and Asians with Americans and Pacificians at a total lost. Africans will colonise Oceania and America leaving Europeans in total control of Eurasia, Pacific and Greenland in the next 100 years.