The fall of Muammar Gaddafi and Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak

January 25, 2016

Just within five years, Africa lost two of the most acclaimed leaders of the continent one dead the other out of power. Both men stayed in power for decades and has transformed their North African countries from nothing to a very organized social security, desert to green, from rebels to government in some cases. Africa missed and will continue to miss the two leaders. But does the lost of two people change anything for the better? Libya went totally down and disintegrated into war for four years and counting. Egypt lost so many lives and properties. Yes, there are changes. colonel Gaddafi was very great friend to many African leaders, but he preferred to do business with middle east while extend Islam while Libya influence to the rest of African countries. He was a great friend of Iddi Amin and supported him militarily. Hosni put so many Egyptians to prison and chocked politic of Egypt leading to or nearly authoritarian rule. Egypt has moved on since then and Egypt some how considers its self and African country. Libya has two faction of parties agreeing to sit together and form government. The mistreatment of dark skinned people in Egypt has reduced dramatically and Libyan are soon or about to settle and have ever lasting peace. Both Countries are now working under AU rules and with other African countries. Both men changed constitutions to fit them and keep the others out and over stayed in power. Having both men in power was the a mistake that Africans did not see at time. Five year or less from now, the goods of having both men out of power will surface.