The Attemps

August 16, 2016

The European invaded East Africa beginning in at Egypt. It was two formidable forces of Europe and the Arab(Middle East) combined to face off the Africans. As defenseless as they where, they started loosing all battles and wars from shore of the beaches at Egypt running South. Then Egypt became the first East African baby country/stage that would then regroup to take on Sudan. They invaded Sudan again, it was too powerful for us(the Africans) to counter such forces. They fierce, destructive and have less mercy for any black. Sudan then was another baby state/country next. Africans however gained and collaborated. Through that, they manage to start the third invasion. This time, the Africans, had gained so much experience from their past wars and battles. They were able to convince themselves that this people are fueling problems in Africa and soon enough they would penetrate southern. They had to be smoked for a bid because it is clear they are coming to clear us off. It worked perfectly, the Arabs(this time) were badly wounded and there were so many Africans for them to clean off.