May 27, 2016

Planing, process, and execution, are all difficult journey, program, project etc. All stages have to flow smoothly to achieve end result(s) intended. Maintenance dreads, exhausts and consumes our energy for instance roads, electrical polls, bridges etc. Government, people and needs too needs maintenance. It's cooperation with other governments, tribes, businesses etc to build, implement, and promote businesses, projects within and outside. Luo Government, needs other tribes for instance the Zulu of South Africa, Igbo of Western Africa, Nuba of North Africa to foster stronger relationship inside Africa and to be recognized at African Capital addis ababa. We also need to strengthen our relationship with our friends and allies like Otuho, Lango(SS), Ateso and Kalenjin. As we do that though, we also have to take into consideration that they too have agenda of their own to follow. That means, we need to listen to their needs and reasons. Our relationship need to go beyond Africa because we have the power, skills, means, people, and resources that needs other experts, resources, skills etc. Not only that as we become richer, wider so are our needs e.g. projects, export and imports, security. That means we need role models, friend, allies, member or etc of one of the Six(6) nations namely Australia, USA, Canada... Of all the above, Australia is one of the best to look upto. It is also the closes making it economically good reason to partner with. Don't jump the fence yet because we now have experts, leaders, government etc that will drive us there. It might take long time to get to it say about a decade or decades. It has advantage because the longer it takes, the more we understand and learn about them and we get acquainted to their way(s) of doing things and adopt that in our system. Teetee Luo, tete

From Luo general Director