South Sudan Mediation

January 25, 2016

in 2005 south Sudan got independent through round table talks with Sudan in Nairobi. This was so because of serious politicians like Daniel Arab Moi participation. After the peace, South Sudan tried to become friend of Uganda. They lost their leader. In 2013 South Sudan got herself in trouble again. They ran to the politically chocked up Uganda to help mediate them. Nothing so far yield any good fruit. This is because first of all Uganda is fighting herself. I mean all the presidential candidates were once friends, allies, fought one war, took cover of each other. If they are angry this far at the each other how many more are still angry out there that we don't know about. Kenya is run by crooks who can't help South Sudan and they are yet to find real leaders to lead her. The only solution and help South Sudan can get is by running and getting involve with East Africa. Making problem be solved by East Africa at East Africa Headquarters in Arusha Tanzania. There they will find real leaders with experience and free environment of help.