​Solving money problem by creating money

February 23, 2017

Solving money problem by creating money

Money is medium of exchange of goods at a portable value. So, if we can create a metal or plastic small enough with an avoidable usage in a town, city or society then we have money. Having a metal or plastic only does not qualify the business yet but imagine health services such as health centre, banks, institution and transportation where you have to wait inline to get call. Having a piece of this metal or plastic with ingrained numbers or letters tells our belongings, bed numbers, number in a queue help get us into multi tasking meaning you can go or stay out of queue physically while being known by your money. This is mostly found in jewellery, keys holding etc. We could creatively make this materials for membership of a political party, public community services, cultural orientation and public recognition. Imagine having it like a business card where a person has it everywhere they go and whenever they want to talk about their business, they just have it right with them.

We can take this one step further by making it compulsory in a society in case you become an influential business in a society or make it so that everybody want to have it so bad.